i live with martians please don’t help

today was a day i liked which i think is a good thing well i’m pretty sure that everybody else thinks that too.

dodo was away from school today which made me kind of lonely but with my downfall yesterday i was still pretty cheery in the morning on the bus it was very normal but i wouldn’t know i was basically staring out the window the whole time. when school started we did old fashioned writing with ink and a pen with a cool tip. i was really good at it. the rest all i was thinking about was food and the twins, kind of day dreaming in a world of my own.

then it was lunch and that was lunch and practically all you do in lunch is run around and eat so nothing to say there except mini was still blue and walking round like a distracted ghost so all my friends left her alone while i tried to fix her up (poor little thing).

in the middle session nothing happened really, nothing happened except when we went out to practise sketching for our historical walk and the entire time everybody was thinking the sooner we do this the sooner we go to afternoon tea. except me, i was determined to finish my drawing whether it meant standing there the whole afternoon tea and it did and mum always told me when you’re sketching you can’t move because the picture might end up different so i stood in the same spot in the blazing sun.

in the last session we did sport. we got split in to girl and boy groups, first the girls did continuous cricket and the boys did backyard cricket. i didn’t get to bat in the entire game but in the first one romana got hit in the stomach with the really hard ball and had to have a sit down. after that we went to backyard cricket and mini was batter the whole time and about 4 mins before the bell she didn’t get out, but other girls were really mean to her because they were getting tired of bowling for mini and as soon as she got to her mum she burst in to tears and then nothing happened after that,¬†farewell and good night to that day


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