world wide runaway

A few days ago I found out the my best friend has been everywhere she’s been to venice, she’s been to italy, she’s been to france and basically everywhere in great Britain. I have only gone to two places overseas and they were Tasmania and England and its driving me mad. I don’t want to get used to missing my mum when she goes to places like sweden and stuff. I want to go places see things. Even if the only thrill I get is the plane trips. To be honest I love going on planes. The longer the better. I know that things don’t come quickly but right now there not coming at all and I don’t know how to get it in to my parents heads. I want some proof that I’m going places. just the freedom of being in another time zone. I guess my parents think that a night in Sydney every once and a while makes a trip but I have seen Sydney many, many times before and lets face it when your in Sydney it all looks basically the same and I love those trips i really do but my mum is aways busy with work and dad hates flying and isn’t really a traveller unless it just driving two hours to some remote campsite that know one has ever herd of to be honest its like Sydney I have seen sand, Unpatrolled beaches and I have slept in a tent. well really all that you can do is read lie down swim or walk for five mins to get to the toilet but I know that none of this will help my campaign. It gets said and it gets forgotten.JUST LIKE THAT . I just like sharing my problems with the world.

You know the unusual

I am not having a very good day so mum goes off to work and dad and haper went to the gum so me and Dora were basically just chilling and dad comes home tow hours early yelling at haper in a controlled sort of way but not away you would if you were fuchshaning perfectly I got the message pretty quickly Harper had thrown a spanner in his works and he was not happy about it. A partly haper had drawn on her clothiers then he started talking to me in a rather rough voice then he walked in to the kitchen with haper all reddy waddling in front of him he told her to put the pair of leggings in the bin but she wouldn’t then me and dad had a very rough voiced conformation on his parti thought I was rather calm but I must edit my eyes were filling up with tears and harper was awash with tears by this point then he threw corn his keys as hard as he could and sat in to back garden I tried to call mum but she wouldn’t pick up her phone so I sat with Dora when dad came in with an angry looking face told him and I dint see him for two hours I kind of guest he went to the gum but you can never tell with him so I still got kind of worried so this whole afternoon I was think you are not in an authority position man you just threw your keys on the floor and sat in the back garden go to the gum and come back like nothing happened so far I don’t think that’s the most maure thing you could have done.

i need help to die

i just watched a news report on assisted suicide and i am writing about this because i believe very strongly in the subject. if i was terminally ill and i wasnt abel do things that would change my life isn’t it my choice to live or die? its my life ….. isn’t it

yes it is no one else’s. mine. as an eleven year old it is the only thing that is rightfully mine and mine only.

while i was watching this i was thinking to the government my life deal with it. i know some one i would personlly call on if such an event were to occur. say if i wasnt able to read then i would not want to be around books i wouldn’t want to be near any thing and if i became so destrort i would want my life to come to an end i would let myself be taken and honetly whats wrong with that. its basically torcher in australia. commiting suiside is half illegal and legal at the same time if they live through the suiside or are caught before it happens then its illegal but when you die they basically say you cant judge the dead but if someone is liveing to the conditions that they would want to die tocher comes back and as it happens tocher is illigal in australia but you start thinking about bradly manning and solitary confinment.

I believe in magic is that so hard to believe

I have believed in magic sense i was little. But not your everyday magic. I didn’t believe in unicorns or fairies. I was a rather practical as a child of a younger age. I was but this and no thats wrong that. It’s just the way I am I believe in the kind of magic of water fire earth and air. I know most people would think oh avatar you know that cartoon. But the belief of magic is the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. I have always had a vivid imagination and I am not about to give up on it now.Sometimes I will just go out in to the garden and talk to my self to my hearts content. Most people would say oh she’s mad or talking to yourself is the first sign of madness. But i agree i’ve known for years. I’m as made as a loon. I’m too girl for loony town and to loony for girls town but why would I go to girls town in the first place. My parents love me dearly or so I have heard. You never know when a parent is lying because they will always want you to be happy and proud of youself and what on. I know that I really like it when my parents cut it to me straight good news OR bad. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood or just plain bored i can think of a story in my head of where I want to be just then at that very moment and that is why I believe in magic full and surly