i need help to die

i just watched a news report on assisted suicide and i am writing about this because i believe very strongly in the subject. if i was terminally ill and i wasnt abel do things that would change my life isn’t it my choice to live or die? its my life ….. isn’t it

yes it is no one else’s. mine. as an eleven year old it is the only thing that is rightfully mine and mine only.

while i was watching this i was thinking to the government my life deal with it. i know some one i would personlly call on if such an event were to occur. say if i wasnt able to read then i would not want to be around books i wouldn’t want to be near any thing and if i became so destrort i would want my life to come to an end i would let myself be taken and honetly whats wrong with that. its basically torcher in australia. commiting suiside is half illegal and legal at the same time if they live through the suiside or are caught before it happens then its illegal but when you die they basically say you cant judge the dead but if someone is liveing to the conditions that they would want to die tocher comes back and as it happens tocher is illigal in australia but you start thinking about bradly manning and solitary confinment.

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