only a little

Today I spent most of the day creating a fantasy about going to Macarthur square and getting something from a really gadgety shop, going to the movies with dad to a movie that we both would like to watch. But I just found out that we are completely broke as soon as mum and dora go to the hair dressers. i know it’s not their fault and at this point i do feel a little selfish but I can’t help but to feel a little disappointed. Sometimes your mind is hooked on that last milestone and it doubles itsself and suddenly your mind is stricken with sadness and disappointment. Nothing would make me happier than to get just enough money to go on that 1 trip.

a very blurry day for no apparent reason

My mind wanders the classroom for something interesting to think about. Nothing springs to mind so I just wait for something to happen nothing does so I kind of you know twiddle my mind and think about the world in general. Which isn’t an easy thing to do. Thats why I chose it then the bell rings for lunch and sigh a sigh of relief. Sense by now I and dying of hunger thats not easy to do either. I slog out to get my lunch in a cold fashion. When I get to my rainbow bag I immediately grab my white thermostat and fill the little cup with hot hot hot COCO my hands are instantly warm and the nice sensation warms my body from head to toe. Suddenly I have the urge to run around in my underpants and pour my hot hot hot COCO on one of my teachers heads but I gets these urges all the time so I choose to ignore it. I walk in to my classroom slowly trying to treasure the moment. Soon the warm tingles would go and it would start to burn my hand so I put it down the cup on my desk along with my lunch box and for a bit i drink my hot coco and read my book then the bell goes I sigh in a depressing way and return my lunch and thermostat to my bag and sit down at my desk so I can think again. I happily do the work with out complaint and talk with the other people on my table. By the time I stop day dreaming the bell has gone and I have not noticed. Like I had been asleep with my eyes open. I slowly blink and yawn and get up in a really odd fashion and stubble to the door. I slowly look at my watch and sit until the bell rings. Then I day dream a bit more until my teacher brings out the paints and suddenly I’m totally in to the lesson When we get to paint I manly talk and laugh. Before I know it I’m on the bus on my way home.