Everyday is a gift not a given right.

Today I found this song. Just a song. Not a song that would make a number one hit but I just made so much since. It’s called “what if today is your last day” I don’t understand most of the song. I just like the beat but the first two lines I really listened too they’ve been going around in my head all day. Linking its self to anything it can. Here’s what they said:
“My best friend gave me the best advise.
he said everyday is a gift not a given right”
It amazes me how something so simple can take so many people most of their life if not all of it to figure it out. I know I’m small and insignificant to the would but does anyone care that I don’t understand? Life is beautiful, hectic and down right crazy and Thats that. Get over it and take advantage of what you’ve got. Thats the problem with heaven and hell. With heaven with all that good stuff in it must be as boring a history lesson when your teacher falls asleep in his chair but keeps talking about kings and stuff in his sleep and your not evan aloud to go out for lunch and with hell you just go though hell. After a while you have to get used to it and suddenly it’s no worse that heaven. Life has this thing where everything is balanced out perfectly. Sometimes it feels like everything is shit but then you feel like singing because everything is perfect at that exact moment. I can recall many moments where I come home from school and I have just got off the bus and an overwhelming joy makes me want to sing and most times I do. I go across the road to the kind of empty place and I sing at the top of my lungs my voice being drowned by the traffic racing past but then at times I feel like crying for oh so many reasons. Its like you get married to someone and all is well but then this some one dies because the war starts but then in the middle of the war you get a kid the the war ends any way the point is it all adds up in the end it’s not in any patten. Of corse if it was it would probably a lot simpler but then again you would lose the fun of guess what happens next. So that was just a tiny glimpse of my brain. I think that if anyone got the full picture they would need to go into intensive care for the rest of there life and so as noah says. “maybe we are all dreaming. But who cares? Life is swell”


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