thursday blues

Today is nothing. It’s one of those days when all the thing you love suddenly feel much less atractive. It’s thursday here and I’m bored. It’s drisling rain outside and I feel the same way. The words I would use to describe how I feel would be um…. got to think about this one. I think I have to get a thusarus and look up the words horribly sick. Dad has been feeding me endless vitiams, cold and flu relife pills and lets not forget the orange stuff that looks remarkably like gaterraid exept not hence the taste. It may make me feel a little better dare I say it cured (for a short time anyway) but I would take the good old fashioned lieing about in bed with warm milk and honey any day.So there I want the world to know I’m sick and simpathetic to everyone eles who is sick plus this will get mum off my back about writing the blog.

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