A funk of life

I am stuck. My mental mental-ness is frozen and I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Mum’s home from England, It’s september. (well almost anyway) It’s my favourite month. Whats not there to be happy about. Two weeks ago I hurt my ankle rather badly and had to go to hospital. We were supposed to go tomorrow but dad forgot to ring for an appointment so we’re not going. My mind feels out of whack like really bad jet lag but that might be because I am always waking up at all hours of the night wandering round. You know when you get a squeaky wheel and you have to put oil on it well I think someone has decided that my mind is squeaky and has substituted really gunky hair gel for oil. I guess I was using tomorrow as a day off because what I really want is not to watch TV or go on the computer. I just want the world to pause and let me catch my breath. Reality is to overwhelming. I’m still growing up leave me be big wide world I’ll deal with you when I start paying taxes. Please give me advise about my mager problem or I swear I’ll be in a padded cell in straight jacket by the end of the week.
Help needed anyone will do.