Home is where your winter coat is

Home is where your winter coat is. That has been going around in my head for days or at least I think it has. Sometimes my thoughts get a little tangled. This little phrase really isn’t true in my case. Home is where my books are. Always has been. For some people it may be home is where the butter dishes are or the favourite toy or the unopened letter from that special someone. For my mum it’s where dad is and for my dad it’s where mum is. Life is strange like that.

If this phrase was true I would like more than one coat. I would like one in the school library, (which is where I would like to be right now) one in my room and…. And one…… and one spare. Just for good measure.

People know this. Heck everyone knows that home isn’t a house. It isn’t a place. It’s just where you wish to be the most. Like everyone it is always changing.

I read the phrase in a book I read years and years ago (I feel really old saying that) The world is a funny place and can sometimes feel like hell but home will bring anyone back to reality.

Be kind to one another and so long.

Who cares maybe we’re all dreaming

Reality. Definition:….. well I actually don’t know what it is but i have a pretty fair idea. It’s all the stuff that exists not that I really believe that. I am eleven so my idea of physics and you know science and stuff is well boring. Not that it is boring just I’m not perticulerly intrested in it like to rest on the poeple my age but I have a question who gets to decide? I mean how do any of us know whats real and whats not.

As an eleven year old who lives pretty far away from my school. I go on the bus every day and other people go on the bus with me. There was one day I think it was one a monday. Who knows.I’m not good with days or time or any thing to do with getting somewhere on time. Anyway I was on the bus and my friends Nina ,Lotus and Noah (there were more more people but I can’t remeber them it was a while ago) were having a conversation as you do and Noah said “who knows maybe we are all dreaming” That statmant became a total bus saying but in this consept of dreaming it got me thinking. (which is really surprising right?)

I’m a dreamer. It’s what i do. I do it a lot despite the fact that I do most things a lot. I can’t help wondering who gets to say that my dreaming isn’t reality. I mean “I think therefore I am” doesn’t make sence. What about the thoughts themselves. To me all my dreams are real and what about the dreams to be things. Really the whole consept of reality is surprisingly stupid. I would rather my dreams better that real life any day even my nightmares because really there is nothing left to discover exept if you go down to the deepest deepths of the ocean which I don’t really fancy or going to space with the risk of well dieing. Dreams are genrally more interesting. I get most of my ideas for stories from my dreams, day dreams and all

So maybe (pay attention making a world wide statment here) we should just find our own borders to reality and conbind both dreams and reality just for fun. There is not bondry to your imagination. Why not bring that freedom to the essence of reality.

A beauty pagent world

Most of us have been born on this world (my sisters are aliens) and the way I see it life on earth is a really big beuaty pagent that no-one actally wins. Everyone is juged. it’s a fact of life. It doesn’t really matter who judges you. You just get judged anyway. We are all judged by people but most of all we are judged by ourselve. In this day’n’age you’re either perfect or weird and it’s not the people around you who get to deside. They don’t get to tell you right and wroung and neather do you.

Any way the point is that we get to find our own points of perfect and in real words that just plainly who we want to be. Nobody is perfect (I bet I have said that before) even if you get to say what perfect and whats not. It’s human nature to want things and most of the time it’s something you can’t have which make things a whole lot less fun. (but it still is) So I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter how much you try we can’t be perfect and that just all we have.

the people around us love us just the way we are and there is still nothing to it. I’m not saying that we should all just stop trying to get to perfection but go for the nearest vesion of it. Take it one step at a time and strive for happiness not other peoples visions of perfect. You’ll probably survive this beauty pagent world. Do what you love and deal with the rest.

Because it needs to be said

Everyone once in their lives needs a break. Even the most hard working of us. The reason I’m thinking about breaks is I just had the last day of school so yahoo/crap!!! What I don’t get is why grown up (who do most of the…. wait scratch that they do all of the work) don’t get as many holidays or breaks as kids or at least it either costs them something or they have to earn it. Most kids would argue that they have earned it but sorry to the kids of the world but we really haven’t. We learn and anyone can do that. It may seem tough now but I think that we just haven’t had a taste of tough so we just go for second best. As a kid who has recently been feeling overwhelmed by life its self I think maybe just maybe we should do just a little more for the people who do so much for us.

So to the adults just this little is what I have to share is what I can say to who ever will bother to listen. So here goes. On behalf of the kids, children, sons, daughters,youngsters, brats and rascals thank you to the dads, farthers, mums ,mummies, daddies ,mothers, teachers misses and misters plus all the people who have been thee to listen, to kiss the hurt better, to sing the song, to read the bedtime story, to serve up the breakfast,lunch and dinner. Thank you. We may be unhelpful at the best of times but every child and everyone who used to be one is thankful and grateful, for the big picture not just the little things or the big things but whole thing. No matter if your deed was small or large. We are all grateful.

the question why, teachers and just cheers

You know those cartoons and kids shows where a grown up (often wearing a ridiculous outfit) tells a kid (also often wearing a ridiculous outfit) to do something and the kid asks why over and over? Yeah well Why? Life is undoubtedly complicated so why not ask why? It may be really annoying but I mean if you don’t ask why what else are you going to talk about. It’s the cure to awkward moments it has saved me many times.

Most of the time the kid only does it to annoy the adult but I ask why all the time just because I’m curious. Life has millions of nooks and crannies so why not explore?

Just while we’re on the subject…. well actually this has nothing to do with the subject so now I’m on to my opinion on teachers which is odd because normally I’m going on about the unsolved meanings to life but still it’s on my mind.

Anyway I have two awesome teachers so this doesn’t apply to them and really no offence to everyone who is a teacher. I would advise not to read this part not because it’s really mean it’s just I don’t want you to take it personally and I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. If I do I’m as sorry as I can get. Honestly.

Okay here goes I don’t really agree with teachers. I don’t like the way they demand respect and don’t earn and how some of then don’t treat me with respect. If I didn’t give respect to my peers I wouldn’t be saying this but I’m pretty sure I do. (Not a hundred % sure) It’s not that I won’t do as I’m told just as long as I’m given a good enough reason. Teachers are basically absolutely fantastic but they have to be watch full. With teachers their job is to adapt to the learning capacity of a child. I am the lorax I speak for the kids. So as a message to not only teachers but grown ups in general LAY OFF! Look from the inside out. Adults constantly tell kids to put themselves in the others shoes but have they ever tried to put into our shoes. I don’t know. I’m not them and I don’t ask that they do. We are all different and none of us know exactly who anyone else is even if someone could read minds we are all surprisingly unpredictable.

By the way this post is dedicated to my godmother Laura just to say thanks. I would like everyone to know that for my whole life every Christmas and birthday she sends my sisters and me gifts always on time. Every year since my older sister was born she has sent little charms to put up on charm bracelets and she does this for my younger sister and me as well. We are kind of need to stock up on are international manners. I would like her to know we still have those charms and charm bracelets and treasure them completely and even though we rarely get around to thanking you we all say it in our hearts. So on behalf of my dysfunctional family thank you. We are more grateful than you know.

instructions to life and much more

Okay so I just got home from art camp in Canberra and I have been a car with my very chatty,boinistrouis, can’t stay still and won’t shut up friend (who happen to wake me up at six f#@&ing thirty this morning) for what feels like a hundred years so I’m in a pretty wise mood. I have know idea how I ended up like this but still what I think about still needs to be out there just like everyone else.

My art teacher who I was doing a workshop with in fantasy paintings said very loudly and very near my table “….Well if you find the instructions to it it’s easy JUST like a computer game.” That got me thinking when I do art or when I just plain curious I get in to a kind of dreamy mood. I start thinking about nothing in particular until I find a really complicated set of questions that no one can really answer then(this is the fun part)I ask everyone jus in case they know (this rather annoys the people around me but I mean the questions have to be asked just because they don’t have answers doesn’t mean there not questions and thats just life) When people epicly fail to answer I kind of try and answer them on my own and sometimes just sometimes I find a real answer that people just fail to FIND.

Anyway the theme of this post is instructions to life not many people wold have thought that there are instructions to life but really self help books are very much instructions to life there completely on how to fix your self but really you don’t need to fix your self who ever you are. Everyone is imperfect just the way they are. The whole idea of perfect is to compare with imperfect. The saying nobody perfect is one of the most true things on this earth plus if you follow the instructions your bond to have to least interesting life ever possible life ever. I mean heres what i think it would be like.
1.Be born (check)
2.Childhood normality (check)
3.Go to school and be popular (not really)
4.Balh blah blah something else very uninteresting
Who the hell cares we are all bloody fantastic anyway so i just felt like saying that because … well it just needs to be said 😀