instructions to life and much more

Okay so I just got home from art camp in Canberra and I have been a car with my very chatty,boinistrouis, can’t stay still and won’t shut up friend (who happen to wake me up at six f#@&ing thirty this morning) for what feels like a hundred years so I’m in a pretty wise mood. I have know idea how I ended up like this but still what I think about still needs to be out there just like everyone else.

My art teacher who I was doing a workshop with in fantasy paintings said very loudly and very near my table “….Well if you find the instructions to it it’s easy JUST like a computer game.” That got me thinking when I do art or when I just plain curious I get in to a kind of dreamy mood. I start thinking about nothing in particular until I find a really complicated set of questions that no one can really answer then(this is the fun part)I ask everyone jus in case they know (this rather annoys the people around me but I mean the questions have to be asked just because they don’t have answers doesn’t mean there not questions and thats just life) When people epicly fail to answer I kind of try and answer them on my own and sometimes just sometimes I find a real answer that people just fail to FIND.

Anyway the theme of this post is instructions to life not many people wold have thought that there are instructions to life but really self help books are very much instructions to life there completely on how to fix your self but really you don’t need to fix your self who ever you are. Everyone is imperfect just the way they are. The whole idea of perfect is to compare with imperfect. The saying nobody perfect is one of the most true things on this earth plus if you follow the instructions your bond to have to least interesting life ever possible life ever. I mean heres what i think it would be like.
1.Be born (check)
2.Childhood normality (check)
3.Go to school and be popular (not really)
4.Balh blah blah something else very uninteresting
Who the hell cares we are all bloody fantastic anyway so i just felt like saying that because … well it just needs to be said 😀

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