the question why, teachers and just cheers

You know those cartoons and kids shows where a grown up (often wearing a ridiculous outfit) tells a kid (also often wearing a ridiculous outfit) to do something and the kid asks why over and over? Yeah well Why? Life is undoubtedly complicated so why not ask why? It may be really annoying but I mean if you don’t ask why what else are you going to talk about. It’s the cure to awkward moments it has saved me many times.

Most of the time the kid only does it to annoy the adult but I ask why all the time just because I’m curious. Life has millions of nooks and crannies so why not explore?

Just while we’re on the subject…. well actually this has nothing to do with the subject so now I’m on to my opinion on teachers which is odd because normally I’m going on about the unsolved meanings to life but still it’s on my mind.

Anyway I have two awesome teachers so this doesn’t apply to them and really no offence to everyone who is a teacher. I would advise not to read this part not because it’s really mean it’s just I don’t want you to take it personally and I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. If I do I’m as sorry as I can get. Honestly.

Okay here goes I don’t really agree with teachers. I don’t like the way they demand respect and don’t earn and how some of then don’t treat me with respect. If I didn’t give respect to my peers I wouldn’t be saying this but I’m pretty sure I do. (Not a hundred % sure) It’s not that I won’t do as I’m told just as long as I’m given a good enough reason. Teachers are basically absolutely fantastic but they have to be watch full. With teachers their job is to adapt to the learning capacity of a child. I am the lorax I speak for the kids. So as a message to not only teachers but grown ups in general LAY OFF! Look from the inside out. Adults constantly tell kids to put themselves in the others shoes but have they ever tried to put into our shoes. I don’t know. I’m not them and I don’t ask that they do. We are all different and none of us know exactly who anyone else is even if someone could read minds we are all surprisingly unpredictable.

By the way this post is dedicated to my godmother Laura just to say thanks. I would like everyone to know that for my whole life every Christmas and birthday she sends my sisters and me gifts always on time. Every year since my older sister was born she has sent little charms to put up on charm bracelets and she does this for my younger sister and me as well. We are kind of need to stock up on are international manners. I would like her to know we still have those charms and charm bracelets and treasure them completely and even though we rarely get around to thanking you we all say it in our hearts. So on behalf of my dysfunctional family thank you. We are more grateful than you know.


  1. Laura · September 18, 2012

    Hello. I’ve never replied to a blog posting before, so am not sure if I’m doing this properly!
    Just wanted to say, as your godmother, Laura, that you’re very welcome, and also thank you for your thanks. You’re very kind to say I always get your gifts to you on time, because I would say that I’ve started slipping a bit on the on time bit, but I’ll try harder again. Thanks also for all the sharing of your thoughts . . . I agree with the difficulties involved with the whole notion of being told to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. A very wise person once suggested to me that we have to move beyond empathy, because empathy is only putting ourselves in someone else’s position, but we would all react differently even in the same situation. Anyhow, thanks again. L.

    • clem2000 · September 26, 2012

      thank you laura i’m sorry that i didn’t get around to saying anything sooner this is manly because mum refused to open your christmas presents until she sent you hers which ended up being a lot months late so we only opened the presents the night I wrote this post but honestly you deserve it even if everything i do is surprisingly late. anyway love ya

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