A beauty pagent world

Most of us have been born on this world (my sisters are aliens) and the way I see it life on earth is a really big beuaty pagent that no-one actally wins. Everyone is juged. it’s a fact of life. It doesn’t really matter who judges you. You just get judged anyway. We are all judged by people but most of all we are judged by ourselve. In this day’n’age you’re either perfect or weird and it’s not the people around you who get to deside. They don’t get to tell you right and wroung and neather do you.

Any way the point is that we get to find our own points of perfect and in real words that just plainly who we want to be. Nobody is perfect (I bet I have said that before) even if you get to say what perfect and whats not. It’s human nature to want things and most of the time it’s something you can’t have which make things a whole lot less fun. (but it still is) So I guess what I’m trying to say is that no matter how much you try we can’t be perfect and that just all we have.

the people around us love us just the way we are and there is still nothing to it. I’m not saying that we should all just stop trying to get to perfection but go for the nearest vesion of it. Take it one step at a time and strive for happiness not other peoples visions of perfect. You’ll probably survive this beauty pagent world. Do what you love and deal with the rest.

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