Who cares maybe we’re all dreaming

Reality. Definition:….. well I actually don’t know what it is but i have a pretty fair idea. It’s all the stuff that exists not that I really believe that. I am eleven so my idea of physics and you know science and stuff is well boring. Not that it is boring just I’m not perticulerly intrested in it like to rest on the poeple my age but I have a question who gets to decide? I mean how do any of us know whats real and whats not.

As an eleven year old who lives pretty far away from my school. I go on the bus every day and other people go on the bus with me. There was one day I think it was one a monday. Who knows.I’m not good with days or time or any thing to do with getting somewhere on time. Anyway I was on the bus and my friends Nina ,Lotus and Noah (there were more more people but I can’t remeber them it was a while ago) were having a conversation as you do and Noah said “who knows maybe we are all dreaming” That statmant became a total bus saying but in this consept of dreaming it got me thinking. (which is really surprising right?)

I’m a dreamer. It’s what i do. I do it a lot despite the fact that I do most things a lot. I can’t help wondering who gets to say that my dreaming isn’t reality. I mean “I think therefore I am” doesn’t make sence. What about the thoughts themselves. To me all my dreams are real and what about the dreams to be things. Really the whole consept of reality is surprisingly stupid. I would rather my dreams better that real life any day even my nightmares because really there is nothing left to discover exept if you go down to the deepest deepths of the ocean which I don’t really fancy or going to space with the risk of well dieing. Dreams are genrally more interesting. I get most of my ideas for stories from my dreams, day dreams and all

So maybe (pay attention making a world wide statment here) we should just find our own borders to reality and conbind both dreams and reality just for fun. There is not bondry to your imagination. Why not bring that freedom to the essence of reality.

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