Thoughts of the many meanings

Senseless is one of those words that have a false definition or is just a plain myth. Nothing is senseless. Simple as that. According to the very useful online dictionary there are three meanings. (a)Foolish (b)With no emotion (c)Stupid

These are all ridiculous. First of all foolish practically means stupid so I’m pretty sure the person who wrote this had someone tell him he had to have three meanings and he(no offence to the male gender it could be a girl) Just looked up foolish in a thesaurus and wrote down the other word. Second of all everything has emotion connected to it. If there wasn’t you wouldn’t bother to do it.

I have just been watching the news with my family and it seems every news reporter in the country has been flown to bali to report about the ten year anniversary of the bail bombings. The .T.V called it a senseless act of cruelty. Oh come on that just shows what the television knows. Like I have been saying there is no such thing. It is like saying it was a….an….an emotionless act of cruelty.

Speaking of which I would like to dedicate this post the victims and the families and friends and basically anyone in Bali at the time the bombings. I wish I could make a joke of this or simplify it so much that it seems insignificant but it’s not. I can’t prove a point about this because I think the point was proven ten years ago when 88 australians, 38 Indonesians and 78 Bali people died. That just isn’t funny even if you put the worlds best comedian to the job.

In respect to all the people who died live well and make the most of the simplicity of your life.

Happy to exist

Its funny how you can get so lost in your own existence. I know that made just about nada since but it’s surprisingly true. We exist. Isn’t that just really cool? A whole lot of people push away the idea of existence because… well it’s just to big to handle. But really aren’t we lucky to exist?

I can’t help but wonder why? I know about the whole where babies come from thing. I have had the talk (every child in the world in this era at least will know about the talk but for all the adults reading this. The talk is when you parents will sit you down when you’re about 12 or so and say “well hon we’re going to tell you how babies are made” I really haven’t had the talk but I have had the equivalent to it. But still “shudder shudder”) but really what is the probability that we would all end up like this. I mean for all I know if my dad wasn’t my dad I could have bright red hair and a totally new attitude.(thank god I don’t)

The future is also a big part of my whole topic of existing. (which is rather hard don’t you know?) There are to theories to the future. First of all there is the future is never set is stone and a whole lot of other poetic stuff like that. Also there is we are all destained to be born and to die and everything in the middle the higher power makes up before we even exist. No offence to whoever made that up but it sounds a lot like a day planer. I mean this damn higher power has to be more generous than that. The guy is giving us life and existance for no apparnt reason. (exept we are all born to do something great but I think thats kind of doesn’t work) He may as well give us the chance to make our own decisions. Seriously who writes someone else future.

Destiny:Bob Smith
1999:Gets born
2005:Goes to school
2011:Goes to high school
2016:Gets a job
eta eta eta eta blah blah blah

I much rather the first. Honestly. Well happy existing everyone. Live well and make your life you own!!

Why we are the way we are

A scientist might say we are the way we are because of our parents and genetics. But if that were true the genetics would go back to the stone age and some of us might be going around on all fours saying “arg ugg” but really we’re not. (or though that would probably really funny)

I hate how we all blame the world for our mistakes, how we all strive for the myth of perfection. We are all different. We have great perks and not so great downfalls. Luckily for us it all balances out. Despite humanities strive for perfection I think having more perks that downfall would be absolutely horrible. To achieve things you have to have the perks and the downfalls. Without the downfalls you have nothing to get over, nothing to achieve and nothing to hope for. I mean why bother? If you’re going to achieve something do it to challenge yourself. Thats the real idea, not to be the best or to raise the bench mark. But without the perks how are we supposed to get over the downfalls in the first place? You have to have something to go on. I like me just the way I am. I am mad and proud of it!!

Live life to the full of it’s achievements. Don’t dwell about what you don’t got be grateful about what you do. (I know I sound like a condolence card but its good advice thats why it’s on so many cards)

Lost secrets

Secrets are very odd in my experience. Because without a doubt there are some many types of secrets. Here are all of the ones I have come up with. There are question secrets. Where someone has an answer to a question that you want to know. Also answer secrets. Where you have answer but no question. Its kind of like a riddle. Plus there are knowledge secrets. Where you simply know something no one else does. These are manly the traditional secrets. The last one I know are the secret secrets. The things you or others have done. The ones that someone would black mail you with.

The thing about secrets is that they don’t cause any trouble when no-one knows that you have one. It’s the whole meaning of “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” The worst thing in life is not knowing a secret. When someone has a secret that no-one else knows about you can go calmly about you business, not worrying about a thing.(of corse life is most definitely not that simple) but when you know something is being hidden from you. Thats when the mind can’t help wondering about what it is and suddenly it’s bugging you all the time and you want to know what it is more than anything in the world.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that to successfully keep a secret you can’t even let it exist in the mind of anyone but you.

Who says your normal

Normal is a total myth. It simply doesn’t exist. The great thing about us humans is that we are all absurdly different. No combination is the same. Some of us may like the same things but still we aren’t the same.

All people sit in the same category. In the big picture it’s true. When you look at the whole of humanity, the whole inhabitancies of planet earth we are all people and thats just that. There is no way around it. We have different opinions on everything but we have also different views of everything.

I like to picture us all around a large table. We all see from different place and see a better or worse side of the earth. Sometimes we get to see two sides so a little bit of both. The great thing about everything it is never ever all bad or all good. No happy ending is happy for everyone. It’s just the way it works. Funny huh?

I love how ads for insurance and stuff always say “the average person….” so on and so on but my real question is what is average? I know it has something to do with maths but thats all the literal stuff and I’m not a very literal person. In a Un-literal view average is complete bullshit. Average is normal and same and all that but none of us are normal, none of us are same, none of us are average. We all can do things better that others but they can do stuff better than us. We all have our spacial talents that some of us are yet to discover. Thats the fun bit. Not having the talent but finding it. It’s the moment when you look back on something you have done and say “oh there you are I have happen to been looking for you for quite some time” Well that was just on my mind> if you have gotten this far thanks for reading.