Lost secrets

Secrets are very odd in my experience. Because without a doubt there are some many types of secrets. Here are all of the ones I have come up with. There are question secrets. Where someone has an answer to a question that you want to know. Also answer secrets. Where you have answer but no question. Its kind of like a riddle. Plus there are knowledge secrets. Where you simply know something no one else does. These are manly the traditional secrets. The last one I know are the secret secrets. The things you or others have done. The ones that someone would black mail you with.

The thing about secrets is that they don’t cause any trouble when no-one knows that you have one. It’s the whole meaning of “what you don’t know won’t hurt you” The worst thing in life is not knowing a secret. When someone has a secret that no-one else knows about you can go calmly about you business, not worrying about a thing.(of corse life is most definitely not that simple) but when you know something is being hidden from you. Thats when the mind can’t help wondering about what it is and suddenly it’s bugging you all the time and you want to know what it is more than anything in the world.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that to successfully keep a secret you can’t even let it exist in the mind of anyone but you.

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