Why we are the way we are

A scientist might say we are the way we are because of our parents and genetics. But if that were true the genetics would go back to the stone age and some of us might be going around on all fours saying “arg ugg” but really we’re not. (or though that would probably really funny)

I hate how we all blame the world for our mistakes, how we all strive for the myth of perfection. We are all different. We have great perks and not so great downfalls. Luckily for us it all balances out. Despite humanities strive for perfection I think having more perks that downfall would be absolutely horrible. To achieve things you have to have the perks and the downfalls. Without the downfalls you have nothing to get over, nothing to achieve and nothing to hope for. I mean why bother? If you’re going to achieve something do it to challenge yourself. Thats the real idea, not to be the best or to raise the bench mark. But without the perks how are we supposed to get over the downfalls in the first place? You have to have something to go on. I like me just the way I am. I am mad and proud of it!!

Live life to the full of it’s achievements. Don’t dwell about what you don’t got be grateful about what you do. (I know I sound like a condolence card but its good advice thats why it’s on so many cards)


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