Happy to exist

Its funny how you can get so lost in your own existence. I know that made just about nada since but it’s surprisingly true. We exist. Isn’t that just really cool? A whole lot of people push away the idea of existence because… well it’s just to big to handle. But really aren’t we lucky to exist?

I can’t help but wonder why? I know about the whole where babies come from thing. I have had the talk (every child in the world in this era at least will know about the talk but for all the adults reading this. The talk is when you parents will sit you down when you’re about 12 or so and say “well hon we’re going to tell you how babies are made” I really haven’t had the talk but I have had the equivalent to it. But still “shudder shudder”) but really what is the probability that we would all end up like this. I mean for all I know if my dad wasn’t my dad I could have bright red hair and a totally new attitude.(thank god I don’t)

The future is also a big part of my whole topic of existing. (which is rather hard don’t you know?) There are to theories to the future. First of all there is the future is never set is stone and a whole lot of other poetic stuff like that. Also there is we are all destained to be born and to die and everything in the middle the higher power makes up before we even exist. No offence to whoever made that up but it sounds a lot like a day planer. I mean this damn higher power has to be more generous than that. The guy is giving us life and existance for no apparnt reason. (exept we are all born to do something great but I think thats kind of doesn’t work) He may as well give us the chance to make our own decisions. Seriously who writes someone else future.

Destiny:Bob Smith
1999:Gets born
2005:Goes to school
2011:Goes to high school
2016:Gets a job
eta eta eta eta blah blah blah

I much rather the first. Honestly. Well happy existing everyone. Live well and make your life you own!!

One comment

  1. Frances · August 8, 2013

    your very good at writing! i love your blog!!!

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