A better place, where is that mummy?

A better place. Yeah right!
You know that moment when a toddler asks where granny went and mum hopefully offers:
“She’s gone to a better place” Just hoping the toddler will leave it at that, well guess what, the first thing the toddler think is she’s gone to disneyland and will be back in a week or so.
Mostly a person grows out of the curiosity about death at about four years old. They come out with the view of death as a generally a bad thing to happen to you, or anyone you know and like. If it happens to anyone else you’re aloud to not care, unless this person was on .T.V, then you have to, unless it was a bad person. Man, I never realised that grieving had so many… rules. what if I want to feel sorry for some person I have never met, who happens to be on the other side of the
It’s hard enough getting along with the rules for every other situation, but when someone dies theres a full set of, extremely hard to understand, rules to help you through the process (more like hold you back).
Even worse everyone has their own spacial set of rules. Like how to act around a grieving mother or a grieving father. You to tell the mother that he/she was a kind, happy, easy going person, but your to tell the father that he/she was strong, but not stubborn, that he/she defended people with pride and never let anyone hold him/her back.

I must admit that an eleven year old thinking about death is kind of morbid, but I’m way to far into this blog post to back out now. Every time I think of it all the child hood questions comer rushing back. What happens after you die? Why do we die? Who is god? Does he live down the street, like auntie said? (My aunt really did say that god lives down the road)

What is with ‘gone to a better place’? I just don’t et it. When my goldfish died, my dad flushed it down the toilet and I really don’t see how the sewers can be a better place than his nice, clean glass bowl. Of corse you never know? There might be a secret city better than any place, with a hell of a lot of air freshener? Maybe.

Live wild people and don’t let the idea of death hold you back.

The handball war

Is it human nature or just plain pride?
At school the senior girls (including me)and a few others have been playing handball at lunch time and the past few days all they could do was quarrel. I wonder almost every time since when did hand ball become a war between the pride and the greed. Most of the time it is because people don’t take out.
They work themselves up so much that if the backed down they would be surrendering their pride. The people on the other team all want to go up in the ladder but as soon as they are in the pride position they completely switch.
There would be so many different ways to solve the problem. At least four people storm off yapping about how there not friends any more. But yet again we have wars and kill each other everyday. Whats the difference between wars and playground quarrels?
I wonder if anyone thinks about why they blame everyone else. It’s quite amazing how a simple game can evolve. Hand ball used to be bouncing a ball to one another until someone didn’t get it. Now there are fulls, rolls, services and service or you outs. It’s taken on this whole medieval thing like the worst square you can be in is dungeons (duns) and the best is kings.
Why oh why are we trading our friends for our pride and our ego? You can’t hit the ball right who the hell cares? I make mistakes more times than I can count and what do I care? (actually I think its pretty funny) Just this after noon I rode my bike with all the grace of a drunk hippo on a tricycle and I don’t give damn about it. I fell off three times but who cares. A nice lady even asked me if I was all right.
Live with your mistakes and move on. Simple as that. Basically no blood, no foul.

Wars, peace and other things we seem to have around

Why? Why do we have to remember all this? Why do we have wars in the first place? We all know they only cause more trouble than good. Why can’t we just get over all the wars we have had before we start a new one? We have life, we have brains isn’t that enough? And what is with lest we forget? I mean I have nothing to forget. All I am expected to remember is the realness of the photos and the fake-ness of the computerized movies. The one thing to museum can’t fake is what happened. Museums pride themselves on telling the stories of past people but sometimes you should let the stories tell themselves. We live in an era of assuming, of jumping to conclusions. We must let the people who died and the people who did their best move on just as we must our selves.

My big question is why do we rain sadness upon ourselves only to regret it later? I just don’t see the point. Honestly. People are amazing creatures why do we insist on destroying each other? I know wars happen for good reasons and I also know I sound like a movie when I say this but isn’t there another way?

I don’t think people understand the bigness of wars….. or peace for that matter. When it comes to either of those topics none of it is ever simple. We just can’t say that the enemy is evil just to make up for the fact that we don’t want to think about it, plus they probably think we are evil anyway. We can’t look through their eyes just as we can’t look through our own.

I believe that evil only exists if the person know what they are doing is wrong. But we can’t just go around saying the a person is evil just because they may have done us wrong. We can’t say whether someone is evil or not without being…well I don’t know maybe….physic and I’m pretty sure that’s impossible we’re just going to have to deal with not knowing 100% whether a person is evil or not.

You can take photos of it , you can make movies about it but you can’t hold on to it forever. All over the world people suffer as many years of war take their toll. We can’t make things better and we can’t bring them back just as we can’t rewrite history but we can take value in what they have parted on to us.

I look at the spaces on ANZAC parade and I just can’t believe that we can think that we will war again. How can we think of ourselves as a warring race? The whole idea of a war memorial is to try and make ourselves guilty so that we just can’t have another war. So why do we have spaces for future wars to go? We may as well leave a space in our diaries.