The handball war

Is it human nature or just plain pride?
At school the senior girls (including me)and a few others have been playing handball at lunch time and the past few days all they could do was quarrel. I wonder almost every time since when did hand ball become a war between the pride and the greed. Most of the time it is because people don’t take out.
They work themselves up so much that if the backed down they would be surrendering their pride. The people on the other team all want to go up in the ladder but as soon as they are in the pride position they completely switch.
There would be so many different ways to solve the problem. At least four people storm off yapping about how there not friends any more. But yet again we have wars and kill each other everyday. Whats the difference between wars and playground quarrels?
I wonder if anyone thinks about why they blame everyone else. It’s quite amazing how a simple game can evolve. Hand ball used to be bouncing a ball to one another until someone didn’t get it. Now there are fulls, rolls, services and service or you outs. It’s taken on this whole medieval thing like the worst square you can be in is dungeons (duns) and the best is kings.
Why oh why are we trading our friends for our pride and our ego? You can’t hit the ball right who the hell cares? I make mistakes more times than I can count and what do I care? (actually I think its pretty funny) Just this after noon I rode my bike with all the grace of a drunk hippo on a tricycle and I don’t give damn about it. I fell off three times but who cares. A nice lady even asked me if I was all right.
Live with your mistakes and move on. Simple as that. Basically no blood, no foul.


  1. Rachel · November 21, 2012

    Henry enjoyed this post- he witnesses some of the same warfare on a daily basis.

  2. becalbury · December 4, 2012

    When I lived in Baltimore, a group of primary school boys played ball games in the vacant lot across the street. For about 20 minutes before they began to play, they argued loudly about the rules. I thought the rules for the games they played were well known, but no… I think within each group of children are some who want to be in control and are struggling for dominance as well as being interested in the pleasure of the game. (this may be true for grown-ups, too) That struggle sure takes away the pleasure for those who really just wanted to play. One of the hard things in life is finding a group of friends who can play (or work) together without the struggle for dominance playing such a big role. You may have one or two already, but in my experience, it is rare to find a random group – like senior girls at school – where all just want to play.

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