We Gotta’ fix this!

Recently America hasn’t been…how do I put this delicately … on top of the whole gun thing as almost everyone knows, with the whole teacher, cinema and the fireman christmas…er incedeints. In my expirence (God knows I don’t have very much) people think very highly of themselves when it comes to acting on things such as this, but really it’s one of our greatest downfalls and there really isn’t much else to it. Nobody ever likes to point this out because most of us think that we’re so fan-flipping-tastic at the whole fast and furious game that you to see it at all and the one in a million people are to embaressed that they think that way. Proof of this in any historical violence moment as soon might say, even modorn history states that the human race is really bad at reacting.
In the Holocoust the germans living in Germany when Hitler was taking the jews away really just shut the curtains on the jews and the approching war and baciacally said: “If we can’t see it, it isn’t there” I think you will agree that that system didn’t really go to plan, but yet again they threatened with guns, Australia just dosen’t want to make a fight over as far as some people want see it a typical gun problem.
Lets face it, Peace Keeping Sucks For Everyone.
We live in the era of you can pop down to walmart and buy a gun, forgive me if I’m wrong but huh!?!??! I just don’t get that. People die in wars and we put ourselves higher than the popele who fight against us becuse they have worse resorses. Well..er if you don’t remember lets recap, all of us have the same problems!!
We are just simply better at hidding it. We have poeple living on the streets so do they whoever they may be. We fight with guns and tech so do they. We are all traped in the continuous loop of fighting because of the same problems, we just have diffrent values thats all.

We are impossibly strong when we band together history proves that perfectly, we just have to fix our wishes to live for our values and fight over the problems.

I was number 63

Nobody ever thinks to think about school. It’s just an everyday slur that ,unlike grownups, you don’t get paid for. Nobody thinks except for when you have to do something that requires a brain, then you have to think or you prove my suspicions that we are all robots and we don’t actually have them. Today I had my presentation day in which (you guessed it requires a brian) my mother was practically ready to start texting my dad. Just think how embarresing that would be. Actually I have an itching suspicions that all the other parents were thinking that too, but, you know, you never really can tell. Anyway back to the point: I have this theory. It isn’t very complicated, but kids often miss it, even if they have an IQ higher than the teacher. And here it is:

‘Teachers are people too’

Who would of think it. Most kids veiw teachers as not poeple with real lives and real problems, but just as authority figures. Most of the time popele my age are unconsiously rude to teachers with rumors, that kids just think are points of view and that they will probably never get to the teacher anyway. I have writen numerous posts on my expirecnces at my old school and I’m pretty sure all who read this will understand the statement “Well I’m never doing that again” I find it hard to accept that childen don’t get the idea that I owe my happiness to my principal and my confedence to my teacher. How do you go along with the crowd if the crowd dooms themselves?
I got an award to day, which blew my mind further away than usual. I hear from witnesses that my mum got teary eyed which caused me to go “ohhh” afterwards. It was a rather special award. I was very happy to learn that my name been engraved on quite a few things, a pen, a woody awardy thing and a shield or something of that nature, but honestly I have to say I would rather their respect than an award. Sure give me a pen and a shild any day and I’ll give you a smile and a few bits of pride in my voice, but I will still think that the invention of the award is about as odd as the invention of the wedding ring.
No offence to anyone who is married. I have nothing against marrage exept a few laws on gay marriage, but a wedding ring, engagement ring. Really!! Seriously!! Thats a little suspicious isn’t it? I mean you can get married, yeah, but why a ring? Why do you need it? Most poeple would answer as a sign of devotion or love or something else rather poetic like that, but why on earth do you need proof? I mean aren’t you supposed to see it in there eyes or something or have I been reading to many books? Is It important becuse you spend a lot of money on it? is that the idea? “Have spent three thousand dollors on you, so there, now you know I, a hundred percent, love you”

Well, that really isn’t that love-like is it?

Anyway just so you all know I’m trying to say thank you without getting compleatly off subject. So far I’m not doing to good especially with that rant on wedding rings. Oops. Speaking of which, the people I would like to thank is everyone and anyone who has anything to do with my school, But especially my principle and my teacher. To my princepal who I owe everthing to. I came as an out of area student and he really didn’t have to take me, but he did. My principle does not, so to say, treat his students like porcelain eggs, which despite myself I kind of admire. My teacher is quite the opposite, she gets the point across simply and then tells you a story about it. I have lived in a world that bullying is like getting a bad apple you have to just deal with it, but with my school it is one of the most unthinkable things you have. I can’t say that my school is completely pure, but here people cry if they have done something wrong instead of making excuses. I don’t think I have ever thanked you so if you’re reading this ‘Cheers’