The curse of The missing schedule

I have just started high school and like many people in the same distressing situation I have been finding it quite…er… distressing. From my observations every year seven person seems willing to crash, burn and slash their way to the top of the food chain. When you stand in the corridor everyone seems to think that the way of life to get through the day is to make everyone else’s shit. Either they have been watching to many american high school chick flicks or they have forgotten why they came that morning in the first place.
The Bad asses:
They are the people who will push you in the corridor and smart off to the teacher. They may as well walk around with: “Talk to me and get ready to be dissed with a crappy comeback” plastered on their foreheads. They pretend not to give a shit about anyone or anything but still look around worriedly when they can’t find their friends and don’t want to look like a loner in front of everyone else.
The Suck Ups:
These are the people (Almost always girls) who will ruin your day if you’re avoiding any rule, even if you don’t even know that this supposed rule existed at all. If you give them a chance they will get you into trouble and as far as I can see the teachers are more than happy to comply, although I don’t think that they know that. THey are just doing their jobs just as we all do. Of corse with all I’m saying about these people I don’t mean that they wake up in the morning thinking that they will get yet another poor sucker into trouble, it’s just bad habits die hard and all of that.
These are the two most likely groups you’ll find when you walk on to a piece of unmarked but heavily guarded turf. Anything I seem to want to do is socially illegal, all the people I want to sit with, all the people who want to sit with me. They may as well make a rule book because I have never been good at remembering rules especially ones that are useless and don’t make any sense. Everyone looks as though they have al been given are timetable of what to do and where and when to do it that I just happened not to get. LIke the other day the boys came over to us and everyone else just acted as though it had been carefully planned the other day and I just wasn’t their at the time.
My problem is I don;t want to be at the top or at the bottom or on the food chain at all, but everything I do seems counter planned.
I am one of the few (I have spotted some others) who kind of stand on the outside voluntarily with a face that says in clear words “What the hell is going on here?” . But still its kind of fun. The most important thing is that I do sit with the socially illegal, because my plan is the fight the law and knowing life the laws gonna win.