I don’t want to

Bloody hell. I don’t want to, so I’m not going to. It’s stupid and aggravating and bloody hell I’m not going to do it today.

A very curious ball game and a ‘what to do’ question

I do not like sport. I do not watch sport and frankly at some points in time I would rather impale myself on a rusty pike than play it. But today was different.
The rebellious-ness of children sometimes amazes me but it is one of the greatest things to be a part of. I had PE today. We were put into teams of five and were asked to split in two more teams of three and two. The rules were that we were meant to pass a football five times to score a point. This game gradually evolved after time to make a game a little like touch football. By this point we were all tired and cold and the wind was biting though our clothes no matter how much we ran around trying to get the ball. As the wind howled a friend of mine started to just throw the ball up into the air at absolutely nobody.
This was the start of the rebellion.
The rest of the two teams including me also started to rebel against the pointless game that seem to go on for forever and a couple more days after that. Me and a taller girl started to sing ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ at the top of our voices. The wind drowned out our voices but the rest of us could still here the out of tune calamity. Our song slowly but increasingly evolved in to “I through ball up in the air sometimes, saying ayo got to let go” even with this singing and dancing and general up-to-no-gooding it got boring. We looked around the field in sort of something else to tease. We saw that some kids from another school were playing something that from a distance looked like duck, duck goose. As rebellious twelve year olds we immediately sat down and made someone in. We played this for three seconds before the teacher noticed.
Again the game evolved. We were suddenly a whole team again and were pitched against the team next to us. The other team had a large amount of uptight people who seemed to really want to win. It soon became apparent that we were lazy idiots who would rather make the game a giant joke than win. At one point our team sat down, crossed our legs and started to meditate. Saying with our eyes closed that we would propel the ball towards us with mind power. A boy immediately kicked the ball towards us.
It was fun.
We got in trouble but it was really fun.
This has nothing to do with PE or sport but it is also a kind of interesting topic on how to be a kid. I have a pretty large crush on a boy in a few of my classes and I have absolutely no idea what to do about that. This worries me. I am a huge and utter fan of knowing exactly what to do at all times. Should I be writing a letter to him, confessing my ever ass-kissing love and spraying it with perfume that I have never worn. As a teenager I watch or are forced into watching a large amount of bad tv dramas and it seems that a girl with a crush should do different things to a boy with a crush. A boy should send flowers and a girl should write love letters. Some would say that I’m being brave by saying that I have a crush on some one on social media but really I am not going to go naming names.
I know for a fact that if some one wrote me a love letter sprayed with cheap perfume I would be seriously and epically freaked out. For every girl out there with a crush do not use this method. As for the guys you’re going good. As far as I can tell the large majority of girls like flowers. Also chocolates.
A lot of kids deal with the he/she doesn’t know I exist problem. You would be surprised to know that not only do great minds think alike so do a large majority of other minds too. That’s why when you don’t like someone they don’t really like you either.
I have a high doubt that there is anyway at all to say that you like some one without making a huge and utter fool out of your self. I have made to decision to lay low for the point being. Let’s just say my pride is worth a lot to me.

A disagreement that I will not win using my mouth

In one of my previous posts I briefly mentioned the fact that I am a meme person. As one of these people I find the the word meme rather insulting. Memes a little generic things often with pictures of stupid looking cats. I do not look at memes but that is the word that I have been requested to use. My mother is incredibly un-fond of this habit. I have told her over and over again that I am not an idiot and know when some on else is putting proof of them being an idiot on the Internet. What I read are somewhat inspirational. I understand that, that word is almost always linked with those chick flicks were the girl get the guy of achieves something that nobody thought she could do but for me it is the simple fact I like reading things that make me twitch into a smile or chuckle at the fact that someone has done something the same way I do. My mother has this belief that all meme are generic and trying to simplify thing way to much and that they make things to much of a joke. This is not true. The majority,yes, the whole, no.