Rules are rules but they don’t have to be

In my personal experience I have learnt that everybody is a rebel, Everybody has to at some point go against the rules. Sometimes because they’re stupid and pointless and sometimes because they are in the way of where you need to be. Some people rebel against the rules loudly. They scream out that they are breaking the rules. Making a point of giving the rules less or more respect than they deserve. Yes, you can rebel against the rules by doing exactly as they say. Doing what the fine print says but not doing what the rule implies. It’s basically the art of insulting the rule while smiling sweetly.
Other rebels do it quietly. Slipping under the door rather than bashing it down. I would like to think of my self as somebody like this as I am not openly rude to anyone but still I am quite loud when I need to prove a point that usually turns out to be wrong in the first place. This is the art of rebelling against the rule, rather than the enforcer or the creator.
To be a rebel you need to know the rules instead of doing what is morally wrong, just to piss someone off. To me a rebel is someone who can stand up against what is wrong fort he purpose that it is stupid or oppressive or just plainly rude and not the ones that are there to keep us safe, not someone who would be openly disrespectful to something because they’re bored or upset.
The human race is filled with people who want to keep everyone safe, it’s human nature and sometimes the rules go overboard and its good to stand up and say that as long as you take others into account.

The tiniest things vs the slow-mo moments

In real life, the life beyond the love stories and the happy endings, you don’t get the slow-mo moments. You don’t get time to think before you hit the floor. You don’t get time to think when somebody asks you something you hadn’t seem coming. As an avid book reader I know that there is usually a paragraph between after somebody says something and before the main character responds. A paragraph filled with thoughts and feelings and startings of sentences.This would normally take a good fifteen minutes to process in the real world but it is all jammed into a few seconds in the book. Unlike the books we, as real people dealing with other real people, have to deal with life head on. We don’t have the slow-mo moments like fictional characters do. We just don’t have that ability. Time takes as much time as it needs and keeps consistent with that. It doesn’t slow down and it doesn’t speed up but takes that same amount of time.
As for the myth about tiny things, like in books where the main charter has this whole story to tell on this tiny detail. We have the better half of this. As humans we notice a good load of everything. It’s programmed into our brains. It’s a survival instinct to notice. And it even has its own personal process; First you notice something then it swirls around in your brain for a bit wondering what to do with itself now its there until it starts linking itself to other things swirling about the place. For example I often look up at the celling of my room that has been cut into eight pieces using long pieces of timber. I have always silently thought of ‘windows’, no big story, no huge drama. Just windows,
As human beings we have to deal guns blazing with the world. We don’t have the luxury to transport to another dimension to think about it for a bit. We can’t be bothered to think of big semimetal stories to add to our personal feat of noticing something that reminds you of another thing. Have a good long look at the people in movies and books and see how they’re freaking out, well we have to deal with it all without the added luxuries. Compared to them we are the most composed people ever.

Welcome to the planet awkward, we come to make you uncomfortable

High school if anything is awkward. Really, really, annoyingly awkward. Everything is awkward. In real life, the life outside the gossip and the awkwardness nothing that is awkward in my life would be that awkward at all. It might be because that boy’s of a certain age are just so fill with sexual joke, scrounged off the Internet that there ready to explode with laughter at the slightest movement between two people no matter the gender and girls who are so desperate for gossip that they will dig it up before anything would be aloud to bloom.
As someone with more guy pals than girl pals I end up with more awkward moments than most poor souls that end up somewhere in the educational system and I have found ways that eliminate awkwardness.
The Go along with it tactic: this is where you go along with the laughing and games and pretend that the slight movement was actually that you were thinking that the normally male subject should be your boyfriend. Just know that you kind of need to do this jokily or your going to end up with some poor friend looking at you as though their going to have to break your heart.
The “Like I care” tactic: this is where you roll your eyes. A clear signal that you don’t find it funny but you don’t really mind if they do. This often gives the normally male subject time to do the same. Eye rolling can really come in handy at the best of times.
And finally the “fun police” tactic: this is where you stand up looking pissed off and flounce off. This works really well if you throw a “you guys are so immature” over your shoulder. Of course we are dealing with twelve year old boys and girls here so this tactic may not be the best approach. Plus it makes them feel guilty and honestly it’s not really a nice feeling to make some one feel guilty.