Welcome to the planet awkward, we come to make you uncomfortable

High school if anything is awkward. Really, really, annoyingly awkward. Everything is awkward. In real life, the life outside the gossip and the awkwardness nothing that is awkward in my life would be that awkward at all. It might be because that boy’s of a certain age are just so fill with sexual joke, scrounged off the Internet that there ready to explode with laughter at the slightest movement between two people no matter the gender and girls who are so desperate for gossip that they will dig it up before anything would be aloud to bloom.
As someone with more guy pals than girl pals I end up with more awkward moments than most poor souls that end up somewhere in the educational system and I have found ways that eliminate awkwardness.
The Go along with it tactic: this is where you go along with the laughing and games and pretend that the slight movement was actually that you were thinking that the normally male subject should be your boyfriend. Just know that you kind of need to do this jokily or your going to end up with some poor friend looking at you as though their going to have to break your heart.
The “Like I care” tactic: this is where you roll your eyes. A clear signal that you don’t find it funny but you don’t really mind if they do. This often gives the normally male subject time to do the same. Eye rolling can really come in handy at the best of times.
And finally the “fun police” tactic: this is where you stand up looking pissed off and flounce off. This works really well if you throw a “you guys are so immature” over your shoulder. Of course we are dealing with twelve year old boys and girls here so this tactic may not be the best approach. Plus it makes them feel guilty and honestly it’s not really a nice feeling to make some one feel guilty.

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