Rules are rules but they don’t have to be

In my personal experience I have learnt that everybody is a rebel, Everybody has to at some point go against the rules. Sometimes because they’re stupid and pointless and sometimes because they are in the way of where you need to be. Some people rebel against the rules loudly. They scream out that they are breaking the rules. Making a point of giving the rules less or more respect than they deserve. Yes, you can rebel against the rules by doing exactly as they say. Doing what the fine print says but not doing what the rule implies. It’s basically the art of insulting the rule while smiling sweetly.
Other rebels do it quietly. Slipping under the door rather than bashing it down. I would like to think of my self as somebody like this as I am not openly rude to anyone but still I am quite loud when I need to prove a point that usually turns out to be wrong in the first place. This is the art of rebelling against the rule, rather than the enforcer or the creator.
To be a rebel you need to know the rules instead of doing what is morally wrong, just to piss someone off. To me a rebel is someone who can stand up against what is wrong fort he purpose that it is stupid or oppressive or just plainly rude and not the ones that are there to keep us safe, not someone who would be openly disrespectful to something because they’re bored or upset.
The human race is filled with people who want to keep everyone safe, it’s human nature and sometimes the rules go overboard and its good to stand up and say that as long as you take others into account.


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