Four gentle facts

There is always a reason not to do something, it’s just weather you choose to forget that reason and go for it anyway. Sometimes in life, the cons will out weigh the pros but sometimes it’s still best to, for some reason, lunge for the goal simply because you want to.
If have lived my short and unimportant life under the rule that I was born because I can handle anything the world throws at me. I may end up battered, broken and generally rather annoyed but I can deal with it. I can face to world all by my little self all the while not caring weather I win or lose.
Every one you meet will know something you don’t. It is a fact. Everybody that saunters into your life will know something that you are unaware of. For some reason, I find this very liberating. In your life you will never be pressured to know everything simply because it is not yet possible.
Never be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced than you can’t be promoted. Be something that somebody else will be able to smile at even if they are going through the worst day they have had yet in their lives.

We all have to do it whether we want to or not

Picture this: you are in a class room, it is hot and everyone, including you are wearing heavy dresses that feel like big woollen sacks that itch in all the wrong places. It’s the end of the day and everyone wants to go home but don’t want to suffer through the hassle of public transport to get there. Everyone wants everyone else to shut up so that they can rest their heads down on the desk and go to sleep. The teacher is trying to enhance the enthusiasm in the class by being overly enthusiastic.
This was the situation I found myself in this afternoon. It’s day two of term four, the Australian spring is just setting in and everyone is still hissing at the sudden appearance of sunlight. This is an occasion that almost a good load of everyone has found themselves in. Hot, bothered and almost always completely exhausted. This is what us first world humans deal with a lot.
It’s tiring and boring and anger stimulating but worth it. It is always worth the fight. Today I kept walking in the heat back from the train station because I wanted to be at home and the only way that I was ever going to get there was to keep on walking. Even if I was half dead with exhaustion I was going to have to get my ass to bed by walking.
We all have to deal with this and it does get easier. When we get pushed back we get back up and kick ass, because we inevitably aren’t where we need to be and are willing to fight back to get there.

Dear mister graveyard

I have always loved graveyards. Even when I was really little. I do not believe in god, nor do I wish to be buried but I am superstitious. I don’t throw salt over my shoulder or anything but I have my rules that I like to abide by. Like never walk directly on a grave and never leave flowers on the ground without a grave. And the most important rule I have always abided by and always will, never be afraid. Dead is simply a state of mind not a cause of harm.
Graveyards make my dad sad and make my mum quiet. They do the opposite for me. I don’t like being with other people of the living in graveyards as I wonder, mainly because when your alone your free to talk. I have always talked to graves and what I believe to be the spirts hanging over them humble as the day they died.
A few years ago I remember my mum spontaneously taking me to this huge graveyard in Sydney and thinking about wanting to run into the head stones and talk with the spirits to my hearts content. Graveyards make me happy the same way a mirror does to a five year old. Being able to talk to something with out it ever being able to talk back but still understanding the words that you speak.
I have this strange belief that in every grave yard there is a mister graveyard who is the grave yard itself. He is the land in which the boxes of people are buried in and all of the people buried there are his children for him to take care of when they can no longer live. He is the caregiver and the caretaker. He is always old but never the same sort of old. He always has white hair. Sometimes he is grumpy and sometimes he is friendly but he is always safe. He will always take care of his children and if you talk enough he will also take care of you.
I have spoken with ghosts and they have never talked back but that is okay. I think if they did the balance would be thrown out of order.

I really hate it when people around me say things like “I don’t deserve this” or “I shouldn’t have to put up with this” the world doesn’t owe you anything. It was here first. We are alive for the soul reason that the earth let us. With out it our existence would be nil. If you do a good thing, or plant a tree where on was cut down, or stopped green house gasses or something you are simply chipping of the immense debt of the human race and all the other inhabitants of the earth.
We will never repay this debt even if we save the world a million times over. It is just simply that we have to deal with what ever life throws at us while acting like the world is on you side. Be grateful for your life not what you want to be in it but isn’t.