We all have to do it whether we want to or not

Picture this: you are in a class room, it is hot and everyone, including you are wearing heavy dresses that feel like big woollen sacks that itch in all the wrong places. It’s the end of the day and everyone wants to go home but don’t want to suffer through the hassle of public transport to get there. Everyone wants everyone else to shut up so that they can rest their heads down on the desk and go to sleep. The teacher is trying to enhance the enthusiasm in the class by being overly enthusiastic.
This was the situation I found myself in this afternoon. It’s day two of term four, the Australian spring is just setting in and everyone is still hissing at the sudden appearance of sunlight. This is an occasion that almost a good load of everyone has found themselves in. Hot, bothered and almost always completely exhausted. This is what us first world humans deal with a lot.
It’s tiring and boring and anger stimulating but worth it. It is always worth the fight. Today I kept walking in the heat back from the train station because I wanted to be at home and the only way that I was ever going to get there was to keep on walking. Even if I was half dead with exhaustion I was going to have to get my ass to bed by walking.
We all have to deal with this and it does get easier. When we get pushed back we get back up and kick ass, because we inevitably aren’t where we need to be and are willing to fight back to get there.

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