I can deal with a lot. Spiders, rats, bugs, math tests, spooky houses, the ocean, heights, fun park rides, graveyards, alien invaders, late home work that I should be freaking out about and especially I can deal with mice.
Mice are small, practical little creatures. I can predict what their going to do and that somewhat gives me piece of mind. There is a story behind the mouse statement but I feel no need to tell this story on the Internet. When it comes to fears I came out pretty good. But like everyone I suppose I have that on great fear. It’s not a classic, I’ll give you that. I am solely afraid of the enemy that doesn’t show itself. I am truly terrified of an enemy that won’t come at me full throttle.
I am a gun blazing kind of person. When it come to emergencies or even the odd late assignment you can bet I’m not going to be the one rushing about freaking. I am calm when it comes to dangerous thing, I even delight in them sometimes. But I absolutely cannot deal with something that plays with me.
Instead of having nightmares about the traditional things like walking threw a wood at night, I dream of figures darting in and out of shadows never truly showing themselves. Taunting me with the fact that I can’t do anything because I am so scared I can’t breath let along move.

One comment

  1. Rachel · November 15, 2013

    Mice…all the way for me. Terrifying, warm-blooded, scuttling things. Rats bring on another level of horror. Completely irrational, I know, but there you are.

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