I can do anything, what can you do?

One of the greatest blessings of humanity is that if I want something I can always find a way to achieve if I want it badly enough. If I want to fly you can bet your butt that I’m going to find a way to fly. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, I can figure it out.
At some points in time it can feel like you have no choice, but there is always a choice. Just because nobody lays out the options for you or actively gives one to you doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just hidden among the situation.
In this life I can do what ever I like, even if someone tells me I can’t. Every endeavour and journey in within human reach if someone were to just try hard enough.
We are all free to choose our path or even create our own into the wild, chaotic unknown, but unfortunately we are not free of the consequences but here’s the cheat. If you want out hard enough then you can get yourself out, this the basis of human nature. A complete and absolute disregard for the limits of human abilities. Confidence is almost always only 10% hard work and 90% delusion.

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