Liar’s Tactic

I am a very good liar and as far as I can see there are two occupations of which a liar can succeed greatly in. Acting and writing. Sense I have less than no interest in any form of acting I write for a hobby instead. Lying is basically the act of fooling the audience/reader that what you’re saying or writing is somewhat plausible. The story I am writing at the moment has a great deal of lying in the form of explanation in it and I have taken up the philosophy that to lie successfully you need to have another lie to back it up, and then if asked another to back that up as well. Therefore a great liar is simply the person who can create the best back story the fastest. You can make anything sound a little bit plausible is you back it up extensively enough.

Example: I went to France in a speed boat last winter.

Nobody is going to believe that. Ever. But now I can add another lie to the original lie to make it sound as though there is no way you could be making it up on the spot.

For instance: I went with my friend whose dad was getting paid. I got to meet tons of really cool people but, god, I was also glad to be home.

You can see how much more plausible it becomes. Still unlikely but if you continue adding off those lies then automatically the person you’re explaining this to will just assume that you’re telling the truth, regardless of the beginning doubts.

This is generally how I shape my stories. Just back up lie after back up lie. The story I’m currently writing is about the end of the world. Allegedly a electric pulse is sent through the air triggering a small part of the human race’s DNA immediately killing them leaving the rest of civilisation in fact and perfectly preserved. On first glance it’s a stupid concept. The end of humanity itself blah blah blah. Its a story that has been told for ever. But as soon as you add a back up lie the likelihood of it becomes much more rational.

A week ago the international government told the ever chaotic world that they are all going to die. An electric shock or pulse or something will spread over the globe in a matter of days and everyone would simply die, leaving everything intact. At first there was disbelief, but it is very hard not to believe something is true when every government or political leader in the world is sadly shaking his/her head, their eyes downcast saying that it is in fact true Then yesterday everyone went mad, started rioting, looting and doing things that spelled out that it was the end of the world and the world was really really pissed off.
Now today half the population is fleeing from their homes into the country either to die in peace and acceptance or to live out their death in the blind hope that they won’t die. The other half remained in their homes or went to their churches and temples to pray for forgiveness or just to be somewhere with other people.

The key to lying successfully with a back up lie is to do it casually. Don’t act as though you’re defending reliability of yourself. As long as you act as though you really don’t care who believes you and who doesn’t, chances are, people are going to go with your side to the story.
The best liars are the best storytellers and the storytellers are always the best liars.

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