Give a goddamned damn.

I know that I often par my school off as pompous and ever idiotic but, fuck. There is a very good reason why we’re all here under the same guidance and amount of pressure. Most of the occupants of my rather self righteous school are quite themselves out of order in the way of being functional humans without care but I was sent to the performance bay to watch the reversal for the music night and it was watching the master at the master’s trade. `
My school is incredibly difficult to get into for anything except being a local or out of area student. I know this as an art student because around 140 kids tried out for art and they only accepted 14. They were meant to have twenty but the art teachers refused to bring in people that were just using art as an excuse to get in. I know it’s the same for the performing arts divisions. The reason why we all go to this school is because we give a damn.
Many damns.
More damns than anyone else.
We work hard. Really hard. It looks like mucking about in your element. Hell, it even feels like mucking about in your element, but it’s not. In general mucking about requires the ability to not pay attention to what your doing and we are. When I am in my art classroom or sitting army desk painting the only think I can think about is what my hands are doing. What marks of colour they are making.
All the elective teachers are well meaning people but all elective students are put under huge amounts of pressure. Even some of the non audition students. We have professional technician students that make sure that everything runs smoothly. They make lighting programs and play with machines that do all sorts of clever things.
Whatever we do we work to do it well. We work hard and we aspire to give so many damns that we don’t get bask staged. Performing art students put on shows that surpass the stereotyped cliche that highs hook performances are just disorganized things that make you want to fall asleep in the back row. Art students get works sent off the nation wide art galleries and cover every wall with classical be abstract scribbles. I admit when confronted by the idea of conventional high schools my school tends to either pretend they don’t see all of the other events or they try to participate in them so much that it’s uncomfortable. When it comes to my school we know not of any middle ground. We got both neat freaks and human looking monkeys. Our teachers pummel the lesson that there is no ending point to what we decided to start. We can only get better. It is our firm unwritten school belief that there is no best.
There is better but no best.
I guess I have even got this view of my school wrong. I’m making the teachers sound like iron fisted navy marines and the kids stone cold troopers. This is surprisingly false. My school also has a huge element of silliness. Like I said we have no middle ground. We are either following a emotionless uncrossable schedule like it’s the bible or we are completely making it up as we go. We are all about the haphazard. We are the night before people.
While I was watching the reversal the main vocalist forgot his lyrics and he was just making it up and going with rhythm of the song, yet I know that the actual performance will blow minds.
It’s fun.
It’s silly.
It’s all just a little stupid.
To put it simply the majority of the time we have no idea what we’re doing.

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