Just how mathematically screwed we are

Something that I personally like spending time doing is having conversations with a friend of mine, mainly because our ideas, values, and opinions of the world, the universe and everything are the exact opposite. While she has argued on many an occasion that the human race would be better off with the factory system, everyone contributes to the chain and everyone gets the same for it. While I do agree that we, as the human race, are not exactly top notch at simply not killing off everything around us including ourselves (as demonstrated by poverty, over fishing, global warming and so on) what she wants is the complete abolishment of culture, arts and storytelling. What she wishes for is everything that isn’t completely necessary to our survival to be sacrificed for top efficiency levels. While I understand why this is appealing, I am addicted to the arts, much like most of the human race. Unfortunately, during our often long and consuming conversations/debates what I have come to learn is that my own naivety is depressing. While she wants cold and nothing, I want warm with none of the consequences. It has taken me a long time to finally figure it out, but the problem is neither of our ideas of how the world should really be would ever work. My naive vision of skipping through a field of daisies with my paintbrush and novels would be clouded by the poverty in the background and the people from the third world countries making my poisonous paintbrushes and my friend’s vision of the human race on a factory floor, everyone contributing equally to only the necessary simply would be the world a person would want to live in. So it was either a choice of an uneven dividing of wealth or an even division of poverty and unfulfilment. Usually by the end of our conversations we are both pretty equally depressed, because the paradox of “how to make everyone happy” always seems quite far away and we both agree that we should never allow ourselves to rule the world, mainly because we would both get overthrown, probably violently. Yet, I always continue thinking about it, sometimes about my own painful ignorance and sometimes about the mathematical equations that would perhaps equal out the crappy and non-crappy factors of life on earth. Because of my recently found love of equations and physics and some lovely advice I got from a very helpful book I have found my equation at last using my minuscule education in year eight math. Say my idea of life (that I will gladly admit is a terrible one) is –X and my friend’s is +X. For everything to be well and good or at least the least crappy its ever going we need to get to a nice neutral zero. Now I don’t know where we are at the moment, I haven’t gotten that far in my calculations, but for now lets refer to the situation we bask in now as -Y. We are going to say that it’s in the negatives for now because it’s more like my idea than my friends, anyway this is our starting point. So:

Y(where we are now)+GW(global warming)+P(poverty)+H(crimes against humanity)+C(conflict)+Z(every other think we really need to work on)=0



So yeah, I’ve done the math. And of course I haven’t even gotten as far as calculating the velocity of our screwed-ness yet, or the force, or the mass, so really the statistics are only going to get worse. Perhaps we could work on this.

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