Just ideas

The human race likes to bleat like blind sheep in a field with no greater view of the world other than the occasionally passing train about evil. And about good. And about the great opposites that contradict and define the world we try as hard as we possibly can to accept.

I believe that the human race has been looking for simplicity, for the edges of justice and crime, and light and dark to be marked clearly since we first decided that maybe there was more to everything than food and shelter. Even though we have progressed more than any other species on the planet we are still somewhat reluctant to admit that really 99% of the world and its inhabitance is just a big, uncharted blob of various shades of grey. We know nothing for certain, there is no statement concerning right and wrong that cant be contradicted by circumstance. Things like ethics and morals are the things that constantly render us blind, they reduce our complex imaginations to simple statements that we believe to be true because we are to lazy to think of all the reasons why they aren’t. When I was in year seven we did a book study on “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and it was easy. It was simple. Lion, good. Witch, bad. Edmund, misguided. And it was exactly what it was needed for the story. The lines were set, firm and unbreakable. The complications of this universal chess game between light and dark and our natural indecisiveness were wiped clean, leaving only this world of snow and sun and simplicity. And I thought it was humble, this unearthly simplicity.

Good and evil, the type of good and evil that we shove into fairytales in hope that one day we will shape ourselves in their image, they are really just two concepts we made up. They don’t exist, not really. Imaginary evil is romantic, its insistent and passionate and makes the villain we all secretly wish to have in our lives, just to give us something to do. Imaginary good is dull, its cut and dry and it is more predicable than playing poker with a three year old. Real evil is painful and disgusting and it makes you want to throw up in your mouth and make a mad dash for the door. Real evil sneers in your face and tell you exactly what you don’t want to hear. Real good, on the other hand, is intoxicating and brutal, because sometimes you can’t tell the difference. Real good makes your head swell and dance with pleasantness, but the unfortunate truth with that is that you only feel that if you know its there. The painful and wonderful truth is that the lines are blurred. There are no demons and there are no angels. We, as people, don’t need any otherworldly help to commit great acts of evil or kindness. We are capable of doing that all on our own.

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