Tact and Frank

When I’m bored, or annoyed, or I have nothing better to do I watch this youtube channel called OnisionSpeaks. The guy who does it gets hell of a lot of anger from people who stumble onto his videos, mostly because he’s a bit of a prick. He says a lot of things that that are offensive to a lot of people, or at least he says it is very offensive ways. From what I have seen from his videos he is very certain that the way he views the important topics that he addresses in his videos are the exact way that they play out in the world and… in some ways I can relate to that. We all see the world through our own custom made rose-tinted glasses. I, personally, try to see the good in people to the point of naivety. He’s brash and doesn’t take in other people’s emotions into consideration. I can admire the fact that that takes some balls. That doesn’t mean he deserves all the shit he gets. Those are his opinions and if he wants to express them to the world, then, hell, he can knock himself out. What people take away from that is their business.

I’m being very careful here, because unlike this person I have been brought up on the notion that nobody has the right to ruin your day, and you have no right to ruin anyone else’s. It’s been drilled into my head since I started asking questions and, fuck, I’m not going to diss someone because they have different opinions from me. I don’t agree with everything this guy says, not even slightly, but he brings up an interesting factor about free speech on the internet.

People often think that free speech is expressing your opinions and having them be accepted. It’s not. People are under no obligation to accept your opinions or change their own to suit yours. All people are obliged to do is not try and kill or imprison you for it. That’s it.

I don’t believe in brashness, or frankness when it can be harmful. I just not that sort of person. I’m more of a pat on the back sort of person, calm logic and analysis, but when push comes to shove I am hugely capable of giving anyone a mouthful, which usually doesn’t end well for anyone.

All I’m saying is to try not to hurt people when speaking in any scenario.

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