Dystopian present

I used to think that ‘it sickens me’ was just a phrase that writers used to show a character’s disgust, but now, as people who are so not worthy of their fate are about to be shot for a reason that isn’t good enough, I realise that I was wrong. I never thought that I would actually feel physically ill by what happens in the world, I used to think that everywhere else was exactly like where I am now, but now I realise that everywhere is different and here isn’t that fly either.

Authors from all over the world think of dystopian futures to sell to audiences who really just want stories that don’t make them feel guilty about the time they live in. Whats scary is that all you have to do is turn on the news and you can experience some dystopian horror without having to buy the book. Sure, we don’t send our children off to a fight to the death, but we send them off to war.

We are the type of evil that is convinced that it is not.

I hope that one day futuristic people will look back on us the way that we look back on vikings raiding french villages for their supplies and anything else they could possibly offer. I hope that they will look at us sadly as we roost in their history books and coo in relief, saying “thank god thats over”. I hope that one day humans will be viewed as human, not as a level of rank.

I believe that we will get better, we have moved on once, we get smarter and more interested and we will build upon the knowledge we already have and we will move on past things like holocausts that nobody notices, and capital punishment, and war the same way that we moved past disease, and world wars, and wide spread slavery.

I want to be mocked by future generations, I want them to look at me and my petty kind and I want them to be saddened and ashamed and I want them to feel guilty because of our plights, because if they can do that then we have grown. We have gotten stronger and wiser.

I want school children to look at two men in an Indonesian prison who did so much to help despite it all and the recount of how they were shot anyway to make a point about drugs and I want them to go home and think about it, to think about how they can’t believe that anyone could ever do that. I want them to be smarter than me, I want there to be farther than we can go than just murder.

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