Ayesha Curry

I don’t know who Ayesha Curry is.


I don’t know where she was born, or even when she was born, I don’t know whether she was popular in high school, or how she met her husband, or whether having her kids was a good experience. I don’t know whether she’s a good mum, I don’t know whether she treats her friends kindly, I don’t know whether she donates to charity.


But I do know, I do know that she has made some comments on twitter about the state of dress currently being used by ladies all over the globe. And yes, we are talking about short-shorts, and crop tops, and revealing bikinis and everything that goes with that. And this woman whom I don’t know has been getting quite a lot of attention for these comments.


To demonstrate here is one:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.11.30 pm

And a lot of people have come out in support of her staying ‘classy’, they have commended her avid disapproval of some forms of clothing, and that’s… disturbing, honestly.


Personally, I don’t agree. Because I don’t think that you get to choose what sort of women you respect; the idea is that you respect all women, that you respect all people, because they are people. Not because of the variables they demonstrate.


You respect people regardless of what they’re wearing, because clothing is so unimportant. The value of a human is not to be based on the pieces of fabric that they drape over themselves, or, in this case, the lack of thereof.


Covering up doesn’t make you ‘classy’ any more than showing skin makes you a slut, because what you wear does not, in any way, dictate who you are, and if it does then it is consistently nobody’s fucking business anyway. We are not our clothes, we are not our masks, we are not the bodies that we may choose to show the world.


And yes, we are wearing masks, and you may argue that that means that they are free to be judged because that’s all they are, masks, if this is the body you show to the world, then surely you know the response that will be gained from this.


Surely a girl wearing skinny jeans that shows off her butt and a cutoff shirt that shows off her stomach knows that teenage boys will holler at her from cars and maybe some eyes will linger a little two long for it to not look predatory and maybe some stranger will scoff superficially at her on the internet. Surely they understand that, and if they understand that, then it’s surely fine.


But it’s not.


Because how someone dresses is still not a measure of how crap you can be to them and have it be their fault. That girl is not projecting out to the world ‘I want you to yell obscenities at me’, or at least you don’t get to assume that she is. You, as a resident of this world, do not have the right to treat anyone like shit, it dosen’t matter what their wearing. You don’t have the right to assume that people are the stereotypes they may choose to dress like.


Just because you wear clothes dosen’t mean that you want to be judged and be disrespected because of them.