Four gentle facts

There is always a reason not to do something, it’s just weather you choose to forget that reason and go for it anyway. Sometimes in life, the cons will out weigh the pros but sometimes it’s still best to, for some reason, lunge for the goal simply because you want to.
If have lived my short and unimportant life under the rule that I was born because I can handle anything the world throws at me. I may end up battered, broken and generally rather annoyed but I can deal with it. I can face to world all by my little self all the while not caring weather I win or lose.
Every one you meet will know something you don’t. It is a fact. Everybody that saunters into your life will know something that you are unaware of. For some reason, I find this very liberating. In your life you will never be pressured to know everything simply because it is not yet possible.
Never be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced than you can’t be promoted. Be something that somebody else will be able to smile at even if they are going through the worst day they have had yet in their lives.

such as life

today is a weekend, a day meant for a break from work school and other things but today in a modern society everybody goes to work anyway how does that work and since i’m 10 i really can’t do anything (well i could go to the shops if i had money) and that just makes me feel small and dependent even though i’m the most independent person i know. sometimes i wish i could travle the world and live by my rules

i have been thinking about ned kelly a lot today and trying to figure out what he meant when he said such is life when he was about to be hanged. was it he was saying we’re all going to die some day or i had a good life so i don’t give a dam. i’m trying to see what i could use the phrase for. ms easy said he was saying we’re all going to die some day but i’m not one to follow advice of any sort. i guess the world has mysterys like that you can’t look at yourself throu other people’s eyes. i have always been scared of other people and what they think of me but just these few weeks i have learnt that the people i love will always be with me where ever i am

i wonder if the world was perfect

today was a very distant for me i was kinder there and in other ways i wasn’t i was doing a lot of thinking but when thinking comes to me it can be deadly to myself a steam i was very worried about all sorts of things i really didn’t want to be thinking about practically the only two words i said on the bus were its complicated but even i don’t believe that i told dodo if she stopped talking to me i would tell her every thing at lunch and MM and bob dylan agreed that is the only way i was going to speak.the rest of the bus ride was completely silent. scary!!!!!!!!

we got into the classroom and i was immediately  relived that ms easy(because she can take a mistake) was doing to class i was like maybe we will be doing the excuses thing that was fun but when i heard that we were doing handwriting the whole class gave sigh but we are going to do that every  day in high school it is just a smaller version so really we may a well just enjoy it while it lasts then we did a maths test which i really mind that

lunch time then i really had to tell MM then he went and told brainy and runner i kinder thought he would do that then MM told all the people i told him to tell i manly told him first because he would understand best. and that was it.

in the middle session was basically went to plan except the kind of unusual talk with mr conner because we all thought he was going to talk about sex but he just talk about have showers we all took a sigh of relief at this moment of corse only the years fives and sixers were there in his office then me and the girls me dodo romana curly and lollypop  we all talked about romana and how she hadn’t had the talk and stuff and we were all like well you got us and we can make fun of any thing posilbel

it was libary time and we were all like reading exept me MM and runner just talking at the desk then i asked ms thoughtful if i could go to the bathroom and i kinder dordeled but in a good way and i kept thinking what if we were all happy tellitubies but then a green telli tubbi wanted to be blue so he declared war on the blue telli tubbis then eventwaly we would just end up back where we started so i geuss if you want the world to be perfect then stare in to a blank page its very easy.

then on the bus we went and after getting the worries of my chest i was laughing all the laughs i missed being depressed the bus was so fun MM was happy funny was happy bob dylan was happy and i was happy so what i learn’t today is that when you miss a laugh its like missing a beat of your heart so now i am happy and back to saying my random lines  just like “i like lolly pops.” and a special thank you for being a teacher ms easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!