The dramas of being a new born teenager

Highschool is probably one of the most dramatic places on earth. Especially mine. People say that all those sitcoms about highschool drama, friendships and romances are all fake and it doesn’t actually happened, well it sure as hell happens at my school. I’m pretty sure that if a film crew followed me around for a day they would have enough matirial for a full season of bad television.
A friend of mine has a truly rocky love life and he’s thirteen. He has recently suffered a harsh break up, in which it could of been broken to him a little more softly. As he describes it, ‘she left him like yesterday’s chutney” I think that’s a Big Bang theory quote, but I can’t be sure.
Another friend of mine, was half forced into going out with some just because everyone else found him cute. Eventually of course that both split apart, mainly because they despised each other. The only reason they could even consider the ‘us’ factor was because they would look nice together.
What’s even weirder is that every one of my friends is from an age range of eleven to thirteen and they are hooking up and kissing and whatever else people decide to giggle about. I do not have a boyfriend. Nor do I intend of aquiring one. I’m twelve, therefore I am going to behave like a twelve year old. I am Clementine-at-twelve, not Clementine-at-twelve-pretending-to-be-sixteen.
Another weird thing is if you are even in the remote vicinity of a boy it is the automatic response of everyone is that either you like him or he’s your boyfriend. This particular rule is incredibly annoying for one such as myself. I have a lot of boys-who-are-my-friends. (this is to be only said with finger quotation marks) I like hanging out with boys and often sit with them. They get that. It’s surprising, guys seem alot less interested in the consept of “oh my god I want a girl/boyfriend!!” In the conversations I have taken part in most of the topics were youtube videos, football, bad music and good music. I know they still have their crushes and so on but they don’t let that take on their entire lives. Of corse this is just my veiw, they may be totally into their crushes I’m not there.
After a lot of persuading I have finally convinced everyone, (mostly th girls) that I don’t wish for a boyfriend and that I do not like anyone at all. To properly emphasise this I have magically created a new term. This term is “guy pals”. It is an incredibly useful term because it uses neither “boy” nor “friend” which is very good for lowering suspicion. Creating a new term in high school is actually very easy. All you have to do is explain it and viola, someone says it to someone else and so on and so on. The chain goes on.
At camp (the very same one that was featured in my last blog post.) I had to sleep in a cabin full of girl, which I can now say was about as easy as trying to eat the titanic. In the depth of the night, something very odd happens to teenage girls. It’s like become the were wolf. Suddenly in the midst of the conversation all anyone can talk about is boys. Boys, boys, boys. And they make up these game like kill, marry or snog. Your givin three names and you must either kill, marry or snog them.
Any way tired now. Have to clean my room, but feeling very rotten. I Hope your life is less dramatic than mine.

The importance of not doing exactly what you want

I have been thinking alot about introversion lately , as I have just gotten back from a three day school camp. Someone I know (I can’t really say he is my friend when it is a rarity we converse in words but more in a language of sighs) is not quite dealing with their introversion. As I am trying to tell you this story I must also respect this persons privacy and as I cannot really call him a new name because I think he would disagree with that I will call this fine fellow T.
I realised that T was introverted at the disco on the second night. For me personally (I’d say it varies from person to person) the day ends at round about three in the afternoon, and that’s on a good day. It’s when your imediate instinct whenever anyone tries to make conversation with you is to yell at them to shut up and go away or to ignore them completely. T was doing exactly what most introverts do, trying not to run to a room, lock himself in it. He kind of floated around the dance frowning at everything in sight, occasionally sitting down.
You might wonder that it wrong to judge him about his actions that evening, but trust me I have stared at that face in the mirror and seen that face to many times not to know what it means. Of corse the fact that everyone was really trying to make him lose it probably wasn’t helping his mood. While he was doing this I was feeling exactly the same. When it’s the end of the day and you have just finished four heart stopping activities, most of which make your stomach launch itself in to your chest, and you have not lost your temper until then it is not that easy.
Any who this is the end of this blog post simply because I have utterly forgotten what eles I was going to write about. Tata.

The curse of The missing schedule

I have just started high school and like many people in the same distressing situation I have been finding it quite…er… distressing. From my observations every year seven person seems willing to crash, burn and slash their way to the top of the food chain. When you stand in the corridor everyone seems to think that the way of life to get through the day is to make everyone else’s shit. Either they have been watching to many american high school chick flicks or they have forgotten why they came that morning in the first place.
The Bad asses:
They are the people who will push you in the corridor and smart off to the teacher. They may as well walk around with: “Talk to me and get ready to be dissed with a crappy comeback” plastered on their foreheads. They pretend not to give a shit about anyone or anything but still look around worriedly when they can’t find their friends and don’t want to look like a loner in front of everyone else.
The Suck Ups:
These are the people (Almost always girls) who will ruin your day if you’re avoiding any rule, even if you don’t even know that this supposed rule existed at all. If you give them a chance they will get you into trouble and as far as I can see the teachers are more than happy to comply, although I don’t think that they know that. THey are just doing their jobs just as we all do. Of corse with all I’m saying about these people I don’t mean that they wake up in the morning thinking that they will get yet another poor sucker into trouble, it’s just bad habits die hard and all of that.
These are the two most likely groups you’ll find when you walk on to a piece of unmarked but heavily guarded turf. Anything I seem to want to do is socially illegal, all the people I want to sit with, all the people who want to sit with me. They may as well make a rule book because I have never been good at remembering rules especially ones that are useless and don’t make any sense. Everyone looks as though they have al been given are timetable of what to do and where and when to do it that I just happened not to get. LIke the other day the boys came over to us and everyone else just acted as though it had been carefully planned the other day and I just wasn’t their at the time.
My problem is I don;t want to be at the top or at the bottom or on the food chain at all, but everything I do seems counter planned.
I am one of the few (I have spotted some others) who kind of stand on the outside voluntarily with a face that says in clear words “What the hell is going on here?” . But still its kind of fun. The most important thing is that I do sit with the socially illegal, because my plan is the fight the law and knowing life the laws gonna win.

The handball war

Is it human nature or just plain pride?
At school the senior girls (including me)and a few others have been playing handball at lunch time and the past few days all they could do was quarrel. I wonder almost every time since when did hand ball become a war between the pride and the greed. Most of the time it is because people don’t take out.
They work themselves up so much that if the backed down they would be surrendering their pride. The people on the other team all want to go up in the ladder but as soon as they are in the pride position they completely switch.
There would be so many different ways to solve the problem. At least four people storm off yapping about how there not friends any more. But yet again we have wars and kill each other everyday. Whats the difference between wars and playground quarrels?
I wonder if anyone thinks about why they blame everyone else. It’s quite amazing how a simple game can evolve. Hand ball used to be bouncing a ball to one another until someone didn’t get it. Now there are fulls, rolls, services and service or you outs. It’s taken on this whole medieval thing like the worst square you can be in is dungeons (duns) and the best is kings.
Why oh why are we trading our friends for our pride and our ego? You can’t hit the ball right who the hell cares? I make mistakes more times than I can count and what do I care? (actually I think its pretty funny) Just this after noon I rode my bike with all the grace of a drunk hippo on a tricycle and I don’t give damn about it. I fell off three times but who cares. A nice lady even asked me if I was all right.
Live with your mistakes and move on. Simple as that. Basically no blood, no foul.

i live with martians please don’t help

today was a day i liked which i think is a good thing well i’m pretty sure that everybody else thinks that too.

dodo was away from school today which made me kind of lonely but with my downfall yesterday i was still pretty cheery in the morning on the bus it was very normal but i wouldn’t know i was basically staring out the window the whole time. when school started we did old fashioned writing with ink and a pen with a cool tip. i was really good at it. the rest all i was thinking about was food and the twins, kind of day dreaming in a world of my own.

then it was lunch and that was lunch and practically all you do in lunch is run around and eat so nothing to say there except mini was still blue and walking round like a distracted ghost so all my friends left her alone while i tried to fix her up (poor little thing).

in the middle session nothing happened really, nothing happened except when we went out to practise sketching for our historical walk and the entire time everybody was thinking the sooner we do this the sooner we go to afternoon tea. except me, i was determined to finish my drawing whether it meant standing there the whole afternoon tea and it did and mum always told me when you’re sketching you can’t move because the picture might end up different so i stood in the same spot in the blazing sun.

in the last session we did sport. we got split in to girl and boy groups, first the girls did continuous cricket and the boys did backyard cricket. i didn’t get to bat in the entire game but in the first one romana got hit in the stomach with the really hard ball and had to have a sit down. after that we went to backyard cricket and mini was batter the whole time and about 4 mins before the bell she didn’t get out, but other girls were really mean to her because they were getting tired of bowling for mini and as soon as she got to her mum she burst in to tears and then nothing happened after that, farewell and good night to that day

the mood, the girls and the birthday

today was a day with its ups and downs just like any other day. I guess the world was on my side because there were more ups than downs. well I’d better start with the mood, and the moodiness was coming from MM. he was in a foul mood he wouldn’t talk to anyone and as usual i was the only one worrying. he wouldn’t do anything that mr conner said. he was just looking to start a fight. he sat alone with a sad look on his face, so when lunch was on i broke away from my group in a way that said to them all i need to think, so i went up to MM and said to him what’s up and everything came flooding out. after that he was totally normal (not that there is 1 for him).

The girls. now here’s the moment that I think i just mend all of the school’s social problems for them (very tiring if you know what i mean) well lookalike and freckles had a problem so they were mad at smarty because smart used to be in their science group but had got kicked out. then smarty had been really mean to lookalike and freckles (or so i have heard i have my doubts) and when they have these sorts of problems they always come to me about it. they say they do because i’m a great listener and i understand where they’re coming from which i think is a complement (i think is the key word here). so i do my best to give them advice. i said that well don’t give her the satisfaction of a response just walk past with your head held high which i think it was pretty good advice and they stuck with it but now smarty is holding a grudge.

the birthday. well as you think this one doesn’t really have a problem (its a birthday of course there’s no downsides to that), ok so it was romana’s birthday and as usual i was the only 1 to remember. so i went up to her and said as you do happy birthday, then everybody said happy birthday in an oh my god voice which me and romana burst out laughing so there, just three little things about my day.

i wonder if the world was perfect

today was a very distant for me i was kinder there and in other ways i wasn’t i was doing a lot of thinking but when thinking comes to me it can be deadly to myself a steam i was very worried about all sorts of things i really didn’t want to be thinking about practically the only two words i said on the bus were its complicated but even i don’t believe that i told dodo if she stopped talking to me i would tell her every thing at lunch and MM and bob dylan agreed that is the only way i was going to speak.the rest of the bus ride was completely silent. scary!!!!!!!!

we got into the classroom and i was immediately  relived that ms easy(because she can take a mistake) was doing to class i was like maybe we will be doing the excuses thing that was fun but when i heard that we were doing handwriting the whole class gave sigh but we are going to do that every  day in high school it is just a smaller version so really we may a well just enjoy it while it lasts then we did a maths test which i really mind that

lunch time then i really had to tell MM then he went and told brainy and runner i kinder thought he would do that then MM told all the people i told him to tell i manly told him first because he would understand best. and that was it.

in the middle session was basically went to plan except the kind of unusual talk with mr conner because we all thought he was going to talk about sex but he just talk about have showers we all took a sigh of relief at this moment of corse only the years fives and sixers were there in his office then me and the girls me dodo romana curly and lollypop  we all talked about romana and how she hadn’t had the talk and stuff and we were all like well you got us and we can make fun of any thing posilbel

it was libary time and we were all like reading exept me MM and runner just talking at the desk then i asked ms thoughtful if i could go to the bathroom and i kinder dordeled but in a good way and i kept thinking what if we were all happy tellitubies but then a green telli tubbi wanted to be blue so he declared war on the blue telli tubbis then eventwaly we would just end up back where we started so i geuss if you want the world to be perfect then stare in to a blank page its very easy.

then on the bus we went and after getting the worries of my chest i was laughing all the laughs i missed being depressed the bus was so fun MM was happy funny was happy bob dylan was happy and i was happy so what i learn’t today is that when you miss a laugh its like missing a beat of your heart so now i am happy and back to saying my random lines  just like “i like lolly pops.” and a special thank you for being a teacher ms easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!