Stories for the world, straight from my pen

Hi. For the sake of my sanity I have finally decided to do this. This is a page of stories that I hope you will entertain you cause writing them are plenty entertaining for me. I am a lot like Leonardo DeVinci in the way that I have never finished a story in my life so I hope that this will inspire me to finish the story I am writing at the moment.
Please if anyone who knows me is reading this, if I have not edited this right I will completely give up on gramma and you will never again be able to read anything I write but none the less here I go.

The Demons of The Underground


A boy looked up at the sky, just as he had every day for eight years.
The big cloudless sky gleamed blue just as it had every day for the past few billion years, but still the sun was just out of sight, as it beat down through the thick vegetation, down to the hard Australian earth covering the large hill. But he wasn’t looking at it in the usual way. He was looking up, of corse, and he was on his back with his hands behind his head, but he wasn’t in a field, actually he wasn’t anything particularly poetic. He was looking up through a hole in the ground.
He was in a sort cavern, of a sort, he was inside the hill. It looked a lot like a big cave except it had no big entry or exit. Nothing was really keeping it up except a hell of a load of will power and nobody really where it came from. A little door way lead out of the cave and into the maze that was something that acted like his home but was more like a horrible tangle of rough edges. You could call them catacombs but the were more like tunnels, resting underneath the surface of the hill, like hidden snakes ready to pounce up from under the dirt on hope and helpless prey.
His clothes were muddy and stained caused by years of help from the dirt that crusted and crumbled along the surface of the walls and the fact that when ever in rained at least some of the tunnels flooded.
This boy had chalk white hair despite how he was only eighteen, it made him look as though he had been brought up in a horror house or maybe in the north pole and really a lot like jack frost, but his most dominate feature was his too blue eyes. They were a sort of aqua mixed in with sea green highlights, but this feature had been his down fall. His heart had lost hope in them turn out like a normal blue or green.
A noise awoke him from his muddled pack of thoughts, that he had some how gotten lost in, it was a like ‘whisper in the dark’ voice.
He had sometimes herd voices like this when he was moving around the cave systems, inside the hill, when people went on bush walks, but on those rare occasions they were only murmurs, this was understandable.
“Oh shit!” said the voice.
It was strongly female, young and had an air of annoyance, like someone who had just forgotten to bring in their homework, but somehow he thought it was more than homework. No matter how urgent.
The voice was getting closer.
It surprised him how her mane words were either swear words or adapted swear words, so you could say them in the company of grown ups. And he thought females were the farer sex. She seemed to basically repeat her first statement in a million different ways.
She got closer and closer, so close that he feared the worst. She was right on top of the hole, when the worst decided to ruin his day.

One second he’s looking up at the clear sky, then there is a girl, flat bang, on his chest, as if she fell out of the sky, which from his view she kind of did. Her face was inches from his own. Jet black, raven hair fell over his face, as she stared at him, right in the eyes. Stunned into silence he stared back.
When she found herself once again, she pushed her self up, tripped herself up on a rock and stumbled away.
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” she squealed covering her mouth, her eyes wide like a lost kitten, who wandered away from mum.
He gazed at her in silence, assessing her. She was about his age, with wispy, black hair that fell over her shoulders. Her beautiful, emerald green eyes gleamed like nothing but meaningful void, that stood out on her pale skin.
“It’s alright… I think” he said as he attempted to pick him self up off the hardened ground. He tried to push up on his shoulder, but fell back down, in shrivelled pain.
The girl ran over to the boy, but ended up falling over the same rock she fell over on her way up.
“Are you okay?” she asked regaining her balance, while in the middle of looking anxious and sympathetic, at the same time.
‘Oh god, now what? Not only a girl lands on me now she’s hurt me as well on the same day’ he thought in anguish.
“No,” he said, “most defiantly not” he tried in vain to get on his feet, but apparently him and his shoulder didn’t see eye to eye on the matter. The mystery girl helped him up with a twinkle of amusement she was trying to hide about as successfully as the boy in getting up by himself.
“What’s your name?” she asked looking over his shoulder, her brow crinkled in concentration.
“Damian” he replied, wincing as she poked and prodded a lot like a doctor, but he had never in his life been to a doctor, so how should he know?
“Well Damian this won’t hurt a bit” she said.

His scream could probably be heard in Sydney.
His eyes rolled back in pain. He could have been foaming from the mouth of all he knew. The girl looked at him in total sympathy that didn’t allow him to be angry at her.
“Yeah about that. I lie. Sorry about that” said said pushing her eyebrows together in deep concern, for him.
“Shit!! what the hell did you do that for?” He gasped.
“First of all you, had a dislocated shoulder and I had to pop it back into place-”
“I’d rather next time you fall on me not to do that, dislocated shoulder or not!” he said
“If I hadn’t it would of ached and ached until you wouldn’t be able to move it at all and then the bone would get infected and it would have to be cut off. And by the way any better?” she replied, crossing her arms, as if it was all his fault.
He rolled his shoulder back and forth with only a dull throb.
At that moment the ground had a sudden shake. Luckily the rumble did not only cause them to be sprinkled with earth, but it also brought Damian back to the fact of his whereabouts, also the fact that the girl was now in a hell of a lot of danger.
“Oh shit” he said, using her favourite catch phrase. “You have to go. NOW!!”
The girl looked at him in confusion.
If she stayed any longer all hell would break loose. He had already sensed it on her. She was like him. Raphael would also know she was here. His yell probably would have just alerted him to it. This girl was about to get in more trouble than she had ever know, even more trouble than not bringing in homework.
“Um, if you haven’t noticed we’re underground and the hole is pretty high up. Speaking of which what are you doing here?” she asked cocking her head to one side.
“I’ll give you a boost” he said ignoring her question. She shrugged and put her hands on his shoulders, as he bent to lift her up.
She got half way up before Raphael came storming in and, boy, did he look murderous.
“What on earth is going on here?!?!!” he roared in his old english accent, that only made him even more terrifying. Damian got such a fright his hand slipped from under the girls boot.
She screamed all the way down. She blinked at them both cautiously. When her vision returned her eyes went round again.
She stood too quickly and stumbled back, pressing herself against the back wall. She was scared, really scared. No one around her was surprised. The man who stood in the door way may as well be the devil’s evil twin.
Raphael of all people was tall (very tall in fact), everything about him screamed either evil or if you don’t bugger off right now, you’ll die in the next hour. Everything about him was black. He wore black clothes. He had black eyes. Pale completion and raving red hair, big and fiery, red hair. It hung out down to his shoulders. But his most terrifying feature was his…er…wings. The we’re large and black (duh) and looked remarkably like crow wings.
“And what do we have here Damian?” he huskily asked.
“A girl” Damian replied refusing to give up anymore information, but he really didn’t have much to give up. He didn’t even know her name.
“What wrong with your arm, boy?” Raphael asked. There was no sympathy or concern or worry in his voice, it was simply a question that demanded an answer.
“The girl decided that today was the day she would fall on me and dislocate my shoulder”
Even in her terrified state the girl still scoffed at his answer.
Raphael started to walk towards the girl with an evil look in his eye. Before Damian even knew what he was doing his shiva had kicked in despite his fear and his hand was raised. A wall of ice came across the space between Raphael and the girl.
Now the girl stared at him instead. He expected to only see fear, but when he looked onto her eyes and he did, but they were red-rimmed with anger. He was taken aback by her intensity and the rapidly reciting fear.
“Stop Raphael, she’s just a girl. Let her go” he said, strength showing through his voice.
‘now you come. Jeez, this thing needs better timing’ he thought, trying to take his mind off the fact that if he hadn’t screamed like a girl, the girl wouldn’t be here at all.
“We can’t, idiot, you’ve already shown her your shiva. Now she either dies or stays and neither you nor her has any say in the matter” Raphael boomed, with more authority than the prime mister.
The girl pressed her self closer to the wall, when she couldn’t go any further, she slumped. It was hard to tell what she was giving up. Cowering or fear, either way this was a first.
“Quit it!!” she yelled straightening up. All fear was irradiated, now she was just pissed, furious and impulsive.
“I’m leaving now, so shut up!!” she yelled with more anger than Raphael with authority.
“No my girl. You are not” Raphael answered. Damian could tell he was much impressed that someone half his size was shouting at him, with a voice much bigger than his own.
“yes I am” she said matching his tone, with ease. “Damian I don’t care weather your grandfather was jack frost give me a boost this instant” she started to walk towards him, but Raphael was in the way.
“Sorry girl. Nothing personal, but sleepy time” he said waving other as though she was a child. Damian saw the emotion fail as if it was wet paint being hosed down. She crumpled.
The wall of ice melted instantly and Damian ran to her side, not quite sure what to do. He looked around impulsively.
‘wheres a good fairy tale when you need one’ he thought, but no snow white or sleeping beauty was around at that moment, so he just stood there, with a peacefully sleeping girl at his feet.
“Put her in the bedroom next to your own, take her some food in a few hours, then tomorrow bring her to me at ten ‘o’clock sharp.” he walked with a purpose to the door, then turned a little way round.
“She’s powerful you know, maybe even more powerful than you or me. She will cost a pretty penny”
Damian shuddered and the color drained from his face. This was not what he had seen coming. He known she was like him, as in she had a shiva like most humans, but powerful… Nah, that wasn’t on his engender. If she had a index shiva, she would be succumbed to the same fate as him, especially if she was more powerful than him and a girl. There were a lot of creeps who would kill for a pretty girl with an index shiva. He was scared for her and her life.
He sighed and pushed a hand through his hair. He picked her up, jostling her over his shoulder holding her legs in his arms and started to move in the general direction of the bedroom next to his own.

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