little sisters , and a dummyspit to remember

Littles sisters seriously who needs em well I am one but today mine really drove everyone up the wall. On a caisson she would be good but then she would go absolutely mad.

Today Harper had a dummy spit to remember she scream she kicked she ran away . It was the whole fiasco. She ran away from me and dora and oh did she run and what made it worse was we were in a  shop. A public place with people staring at us but mum handled it great. She was calm but she didn’t run or scream. She simply told me and dora to go to the car with the shopping. She was great when she came back with harper she was smiling and eating a bakery treat. Then mum asked me to come with her to get fish and chips I jumped out thinking sweet lets go and she told me that she got Harper to do it because she didn’t have the dummy spit back at her she was calm and cool. When we got back to the car Harper was on the roof  of the car and when we told her to get off she had the dummy spit about the same thing all over again but this time we just ignored her. She was a bit unhappy about this so she just cried louder. When we got home I had to carry her in. then I cant remember what happened. Well that was the dummy spit to remember.